130205 Running Man went back Calidas Hotel – Hanoi

Giải Trí

After filming all day in Ninh Binh, they went back to Calidas and had dinner at a Korean restaurant with staffs. I met them all outside the hotel and suddenly met HaHa, KwangSoo again. What friendly people !!!
I also met and had some pictures with FD DongWan, VJ KwonRyul here. Awesome day 😡
PS: There’re many staffs & securites very handsome, why’s that ?????
When I couldnt see RM, I just looked at those handsome boys/men … wow, I’m full of happiness LOL


9 thoughts on “130205 Running Man went back Calidas Hotel – Hanoi

  1. A..uổng thật, không sống ở Hà Nội, nếu không sẽ được chứng kiến tận mắt thần tượng của mình rồi…

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