Ahn Bo Hyun picked "Stone Block" from the drama, "Itaewon Class" [Running Man Ep 498]

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34 thoughts on “Ahn Bo Hyun picked "Stone Block" from the drama, "Itaewon Class" [Running Man Ep 498]

  1. He’s been one of my favorite actors since I saw him on descendants of the sun, I’m so happy people are starting to get to know him.. his Role in Itaewon class was perfect for him :))

  2. fall for him since Her private life. hate him in Itaewon class, but fall for him again from running man and I live alone💕

  3. The guy you hate the most and after a behind the scene video he became the man you've been waiting for so long 😁😊

  4. Its funny because i decide it to watch Itaewon Class after watched this episode. I only need 4 days to finish it.
    He was so funny in RM but then i teally hate him because of IC😂

  5. Me when watching itaewon class: My ghad I really hate him

    Me after watching “my only love song” and knowing he knows how to sing: Now I don’t think I hate him anymore.

  6. He's good if he will practice more in his voice he will have a chance in the singing industry… But acting suites him well, for now, many viewers hate him for his role in Itaewon Class means his doing great in his acting career… He's a rising star…👏👏👏

  7. Bruh I dint wanna ruin the 143 comments. ButT
    Ahm. Just want to say this.
    Even though he's antagonist i mean a fvcking good antagonist. In the end( final episodes ) I found him effig attractive than psj 😁
    He's so good looking. That's my first time seeing him acts on a show. And I fell inlove. 🤭😍
    ITC is a good show. Highly recommended!!! 👏😎😌

  8. In fact, the actors who play villains in movies that can make the audience hate themself are the best actors. Actually, when I watched the movie Itaewon Class, I really hate him. Ahn Bo Hyun did a great job in this role. But when I heard him sing, I was really surprised by his voice, it was so good!

  9. 💟🍀💟 Jeon Somin 👍 I like her, she is a good girl. 💕 Get well soon. Wait for you to come back. 💪💪💪💪💪 💕

  10. even though he was bad in itaewon class, i still loved him because i’m a hard stan for him but after watching this, i guess i can be both

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