Amber 's ideal type is… Henry? (detailed)

Giải Trí

None of the clips or subtitles belong to me, credit to the owners,Amika, Chilloutb0x, Quynh Tran and others! also special thanks to Wang & Chilloutb0x for the suggestions 😉
P.S was Amber drawing her ideal type or drawing Henry instead? LOL


32 thoughts on “Amber 's ideal type is… Henry? (detailed)

  1. LOL I suddenly remember WGM where Henry fed Amber first before he fed his wife😅 Even though Amber already opened her mouth to accept the food, she stopped bc she prob realized they were on broadcast so it might start a rumor 😂😂😂 but it was still so cute LOL

  2. I shipped Amber with Eric, RM , Kris Wu, Jackson, Gongchan, Kevin,…. & may alllllll the GOOD BOY (cool, cold, crazy,…) goes tooooo #LLAMAAMBER 😍😘

  3. I just watch this, this is so cute and yeah if you watch "i live alone" now, henry constant call with amber :" like they are obvious :"

  4. Amber has, on various occasions, called Henry trash 😂

    Like, he's legit a fuckboi, and that's not Amber's type. He's her broskie for life

  5. I am sorry but I don't think it's henry… She did said it herself that she liked the instructer from 진짜 사냥

  6. They should really start dating or just get married right away (They don't need to date because they've basically been dating since they claimed they were just "friends" and "siblings". For the love of all HenBer shippers, DATE EACH OTHER ALREADY)

  7. That moment when u make a super hb shippy vid and people are talking about krisber and how hb is bro/sis in the comments…(O.O) The tennis racket was a killer for me, coz i knew everything else but I didn't know he plays tennis. Henber is my one and only rl ship I suffer coz of them. 😀

  8. oh God!! before, I shipped them really hard but only as bro-sis relationship.. but bcoz of the LA cap, Im hoping they end up as a couple 😍😍

  9. henry said he loved amber 2 times (wgm in the car and his tweet on flitto) amber said same thing to henry 2 times (happy together and the tweet on flitto). Not including the other moments

  10. Haven't heard about Amber in a long while…. Henry's branching off as an actor lately. Do these two still hang out with each other?🤔

  11. woahhh I didn't notice the hat had LA on it! Amber is so specific and obviously drew Henry lol she's so adorable trying to laugh it off yet overreacted XD

  12. for me it really sound more like kris , she was very clear that she likes boys that look cold normally , but when he smiles looks totally cute , and kris really have a resting bitch face, so yeah !! and henry is not cold at all , he is adorable !

  13. henry and amber never, they are like brother and sister.
    and she say it kris from exo in the drawing.
    I know because ai see the whole interviu , and she say it was kris

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