An Island Full Of Ji*zing Trees! Subnautica Part 4 (Gameplay/Walkthrough/LetsPlay)

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11 thoughts on “An Island Full Of Ji*zing Trees! Subnautica Part 4 (Gameplay/Walkthrough/LetsPlay)

  1. You make me laugh so much and I don't know if you know this but there are 2 islands and one of them is help up by giant jellyfish thing called floaters. By the way you need to visit the aroura ship

  2. The signal is still there because you still have it equipped in the spot next to your helmet. You can take it out and store it somewhere. Also you missed an abandoned PDA inside the first building you went in on the island. You can access the abandoned PDA files by opening your player PDA and by clicking on the last tab in the top right corner. They are extremely important to read. Btw love your channel keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  3. To get the icons to disappear from the screen, unequip the "messages" from you (the jagged blue line items to either side of the helmet slot). You can store them like any other item and re-equip again later if you decide you want to return to that particular site.

  4. Not A Billy Jean like creature… Billy Jean like creatures… also… I was noticed by Bunglehole-Senpai! Yaaass Senpai!!!

  5. Things you missed on the island in this episode.

    Blueprints :

    – Spotlight (on top of any base)
    – Indoor growbed (you can find in another base on top of the mountain)
    – Plant pot (in the top of the mountain base you went in this episode)
    – Desk/Chair (maybe ?)

    – You can find more PDA around the island if you really want them (just look for light glowing thing).Most of the PDAs are just some story/jokes to read if you want.

    Tips : you can plant stuff with growbed / plant pot.Any stuff that have "green color" background in your inventory can be plant on land/inside your base,If they have "blue color" background you have to plant them in the water/sea (by "Blue" I mean Blue like those creepvine seed cluster that you pick up).

  6. I've been here since 23,000subs. Can't wait to see "-manica-" become a big 1million subscriber

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