[Animation Runningman] Ep.19 Red Eyed Beast Pt.2

Giải Trí

Ep.19 Red Eyed Beast Pt.2

Running Man players disappears one by one, so the remaining players look for the missing ones.
When they followed into the hole on the floor, the missing players gathers around in a room.
Kuga waits for a chance and draws the abductor into the room to have a fight.
But.. is that move…? It can’t be him..!!


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39 thoughts on “[Animation Runningman] Ep.19 Red Eyed Beast Pt.2

  1. One of the possible answers to why Kuga and Miyo were so pissed off, is possibly because of them losing their pride. As throughout the series we see them as smug and prideful individuals, perhaps being treated weakly was what triggered both of them. And because cats are naturally sly and confident creatures, this may also explain why the animators decided to add these cute perks to these two players

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