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BEST BUDGET SPEAKERS? Logitech Z213 2.1 Speakers Review and Test

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My equipment:
Camera: Panasonic G7 (I use the Cine D colour profile)
Lenses: Rokinon 12mm t2.2, Sigma 18-35 f.18
Microphone: Røde Videomic Pro/Superlux E205U
Computer: 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 15″
Monitor: LG 27UD58
Editing software: Final Cut Pro X
Music software: Logic Pro X with Omnisphere
Most grading is done with FilmConvert Pro 2

In today’s video, I unbox, review and test the Logitech Z213 2.1 Speakers and Subwoofer combo. Are they the best budget speakers?

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  1. BubVisuals 1 week ago

    Hey guys, thanks for all the positive support on this video. I actually also recently made a review of a similar set of speakers, so if you're considering the Logitech Z200, or want something slightly cheaper, defiantly check this one out:

  2. smith tyler 1 week ago

    What cable management 😂😂

  3. Brave_TR 1 week ago

    Friends who use the product, are you satisfied?

  4. The Daily Life Of A Lonely Man 1 week ago

    Wow..sounds really good

  5. pablo chavarria 1 week ago

    Is good for me just for watching you tube

  6. ADOLFO NAVARRO 3 1 week ago


  7. Gote 1 week ago


  8. Eric Ver Linden 1 week ago

    So your confused about the plug being a Euro plug when you bought it from the Euro Amazon website? I'm confused.

  9. Senior Rocker 1 week ago

    Thank you for the review ! [Without seeming ungrateful, the background music was a bit too loud for this senior]

  10. Robbie Ward 1 week ago

    ffs why is it always me. watched this, went out to buy them, got them, plugged them in. right one dont work and argos dont do refunds while this whole corona thing is happening… what utter shite 🙁 happens everytime..

  11. At Home with Mrs. Scherkenbach 1 week ago

    Bass testsong?

  12. Feikimo 1 week ago

    Hey dude,
    the z213 work for monitors for an interface?

  13. Otaku kun 1 week ago

    "crazy bass" nope. The sub sucks ngl

  14. jackthegamer 1 week ago

    i wish they would redo the s-220, sure it was a pretty small system BUT my god, it was pretty good for its size along side the fact that its just perfect, well aside that excedent of the mic which isn't good, otherwise, its…good

  15. Totallium 1 week ago

    LMFAO my boy! I am looking to buy these and I hear GHOSTMANE! LEGEND! Subscribing just for that…. boom.

  16. Juan Tadeo Hernández Medina 1 week ago

    I’m right now in Mexico man and I was wondering if it was worth it to purchase this speakers, thanks to your video I cleared my mind, gonna suscribe bro, great review. Just what I was looking for.

  17. IIGrayfoxII 1 week ago

    "Door was shaking"
    From a 4w sub?

    You must have those japanese rice paper doors

  18. Fab0702 p. 1 week ago

    i bet my ass that there is Nothing you can call bass coming out of those Things 😀

  19. Calvin 1 week ago

    Great video! These shots are amazing!

  20. DJ Hail Nazareth United City DJ Plug-ins 1 week ago

    Thanks for sharing Brother BubVisuals. I am going to pick up this today for my workstation.

  21. Panji Setianto 1 week ago

    You look like miracle dota 2

  22. VidiS LTU 1 week ago

    I order these just for 23 euros !

  23. Erica Marshall 1 week ago

    HELP!!! We have just purchased the Logitech Z213 speakers and sub woofer. We have plugged it in using the cables provided. No music from the Green, Blue or Pink port at the back of the computer. The shop told us we needed to purchase a 3.5 mm Stereo Aux Audio Cable. Where do all these cables and plugs go? Thanks in advance.

  24. Diogo S. Grecco 1 week ago

    Do you think I plug to a projector via 3.5?

  25. Pavzz 1 week ago

    I bought these today from Argos and all I can say is they are pretty impressive for the price and everything I will recommend this to anyone. Don't even hesitate, it's actually quality. The bass is unreal. This video deserves a lot of views, thanks to you I don't need to return these speakers.

  26. lergol7 1 week ago

    gracias bro ya tengo las mias

  27. Jakob Burnham 1 week ago

    You look like grian with more hair

  28. Thomas Th 1 week ago

    Dude great video! Your content is amazing instantly subscribed and I'm hoping you will be making awesome content.

  29. Prince Mzungwana 1 week ago

    How would you connect these if you have a MacBook Pro?. Do I have to buy an extra adapter

  30. Michael Nowak 1 week ago

    Crybaby is a great album

  31. Isaac Ortega 1 week ago

    They're now $21.95 on eBay

  32. Jerry Fargeant 1 week ago

    Nice review dude, instant like & sub

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