BOAT LIFE: The Exhaustion sets in.. 5 Days at Sea. Ep. 223

Giải Trí

The exhaustion has set in. I’ve started to lose track of the number of days we’ve been out at sea for now. All the days start to blur into one. That’s always a good feeling, I love it when that happens. But man.. having a little baby onboard to look after 24/7 whilst also cooking, cleaning and sailing to give Riley a bit of a break, is SERIOUSLY full on hahahaha.

Song Credits:
00:00 Kip Wild – Talk too Much – N/A
02:44 Hollow Coves – The Woods –
05:05 Won’t Stop Me Now – PsySo –
06:38 Home Made Apple Pie – Jamie Bathgate –
08:03 Earthworm – Friends of the Bog –
12:33 Ead Wood – Ignored –

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20 thoughts on “BOAT LIFE: The Exhaustion sets in.. 5 Days at Sea. Ep. 223

  1. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this weeks episode. These videos are made possible by people like you. Please consider supporting them through Thanks for your support xo

  2. Elayna…. babies cry don't always reward that behavior.. or you will raise a selfish child suck the life out of you let him mature and preserve some of your sanity remember… the family feeds at the table that your love with Riley provides…. Lenny is your most needy responsibility right now, but Riley is your most important one

  3. You two have the best dispositions and even if grumpy, it’s a happy no big whoop grumpy … Elayna, that laugh in opening prologue, priceless! Riley has a great laugh too… Wait a minute, Lenny has a cute laugh too 🤣😂🤣.

  4. Hey guys mag lites are great amazing flashlights and light of the spear gun best on board weapon against pirates

  5. Maglites are made with an aluminum case. Literally indestructible. In fact, it’s what cops 👮 use to bang thugs over the head with.

  6. wow exhuastion ? you guys couldnt make it doing a real job you guys have the easiest job known to mankind better not ever give up sailing you wont make it in the real world especially with kids lol!!!!!!!

  7. Lol my wife and I have an 8 month year old, and we are going though the same exact thing. Thank you for these videos, you guys make me feel a lot better know that we are not the only one going though these baby problems lol

  8. I'm just lovin' you guys! When you came out with your "Ca-Caaaw" Riley, my brain says, I know that call. It took about 4 minutes of it sitting on the tip of my tongue, and then… Blessings from Edmonton, Alberta. We fell in love with Greta too!

  9. As parents and sailors, we feel you so much. You're doing awesome. Also got to love us some Blade Runner soundtrack music!

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