Bralette Sewing Pattern Tutorial | Jordy Bralette Patten | Emerald Erin

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Hope this tutorial helps you sew up some gorgeous Jordy Bralettes, and shows you some good tips for bra-making in general! Happy Sewing!

I love to see what you make- please share links down in the comments!

In the video:
0:17 About the pattern
1:39 Finding your Size
2:30 Pattern Pieces
3:59 Fabric Options
5:24 Sewing the Cup All Fabric View
5:58 Sewing the Cup Lace Overlay View
6:14 Sewing the Cup Foam View
7:14 About the Elastics
8:07 Finishing the Cups with Picot Plush Elastic
10:11 Finishing the Cups with Fold Over Elastic
11:18 Attaching your Cups to your Band
12:43 Straps and Hook & Eye

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*sorry the audio is a bit rough, I’ll work on it for my next video*


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39 thoughts on “Bralette Sewing Pattern Tutorial | Jordy Bralette Patten | Emerald Erin

  1. Thank You so much for demonstrating the three bras. I want to start making my own bras, even at my age of 74. Do you sell your kits in the UK. 🐶

  2. I've a mesh bralette. I want to add a fabric layer under it and also make it padded in a way that the pads would be removable too. Can you please give some tips on that?

  3. Thank you for this video enjoyed it so much 😄,
    By any chance what kind of machine is the one you are using and what set up 🤔😄 please

  4. Very talented, Love how detailed you are! Please make more tutorials using the patterns you sell! For beginners like me it’s much easier learning via video and also makes me feel 100% better buying the pattern!♥️♥️

  5. Hi 😊 I had some problems sewing the elastic band on the cups. My sewing machine missed some stitches and made some loops of thread on the left side. Do you have some tips? Thanks 😊
    P. S. It's a great pattern i love the lace layover 😍😍

  6. I want to make a linen bra with no elastic. Would this method/pattern work the same for that? If not, do you have a pattern/tutorial that would work?

  7. Hi there, nice video, but can you do a step by step video showing how to actually make the paper pattern for the bra cups. You just showed yours already made.

  8. What machine do you use? You're sewing over pins and it makes me so nervous! My machine breaks my needles if I do that.

  9. This may seem like a dumb question but when i go to buy the hook and eye for the back are they called bra extenders? That's all i see when i go to Joanns but it looks like the hook is sewn to the eyes to only extend a pre-made bra.

  10. I tried to order but it kept trying to go back and forth on my pay pal so I just quit before I get a bunch of charges ✌🏻 I still want the pattern

  11. I love the way you teach, but I'm not making a pattern.
    Tell me how to create a pattern that is 44 size please reply

  12. Ok so I’m trying to make a bralette and it occurred to me that I’ve never sized my bra I’ve just gone with a 34B because it seemed decent since I have a 34in bust, but I’m a 30DD apparently

  13. would this work with all woven fabric? a fabric band, and the outer cup extended to halter straps? or would there need to be adjustments?

  14. Hi! Recently bought your pattern and was wondering: is there any way to sew this by hand? I love sewing but can't afford a sewing machine 🙁 on that note, can you recommend any fairly cheap beginner sewing machines?

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