Bruno Fernandes or Paul Pogba: Who should be Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's leader in midfield? | Extra Time


ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti, Frank Leboeuf, Shaka Hislop and Alejandro Moreno answer your questions in Extra Time, including: (0:12) If Shaka would have performed better than Man City goalkeeper Ederson vs. Man United, (1:51) if Manchester United should continue with Bruno Fernandes or go back to Paul Pogba as its leader in midfield, (3:55) if Man United should keep Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or make a move for former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino this summer, (4:29) and if Juventus should be crowned champion if Serie A suspends the season.

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28 thoughts on “Bruno Fernandes or Paul Pogba: Who should be Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's leader in midfield? | Extra Time

  1. How, is this even a question? Bruno Fernandes, has improved the team, doesn't see himself as being bigger than the club and wants to to be at United. That other person, PP, along, with his pimp, sorry, agent, think that he is too good, too superior to be playing for United. Posting, a video or pictures of yourself training in a Juventus, t shirt or whatever he was wearing, yeah, we know you want to go to Juve, but don't be so disrespectful. However, he more or less did the same thing to Juve, when he wanted to go back to United. The mistake we made is not getting rid of PP, and bringing in Bruno, last summer.

  2. Maybe a competiton will get the best out of both of them. You have to be really stupid to not see James and Bruno mentality and how it works.

    Maybe someday Pogba will realize if he had the mentality he would be uo there competing with De Bruyne for best premier league midfielder. But he would rather go home on social media than extrs training.

  3. These people are so underqualified for this job it's incredible. I mean they talk but all i can hear is fart noises.

  4. Bruno and Pogba will be the new Xavi and Iniesta version for Man Utd. McTom already be a Busquet type. With Rashford on the Left Forward and Martial at Centre Forward. Man United only need to find someone who can fly at the Right Forward with the strongest left footed and my option is Adama or Kai Havertz. Dont stop dreaming!!!! Perfect!!!!

  5. Of course ESPN comes out with yet another over the top of stupidity video. They’re literally comparing a guy who is currently playing and doing well, compared to a guy who hasn’t played since he signed with United lmaoooo

  6. Pogba is gonna leave and still do well united are slowly finding they’re building bricks in Bruno a few developments

  7. Stop your this hipocricy . We were having scholes , Rooney ,Ronaldo , giggs Keane in one team. So both Bruno and Pogba have their qualities that they going to offer. Plz wash off

  8. imagine pogba back at his best and playing along side bruno that would be lit pogba should get rid of his agent riaola who hates Manchester United and this is making pogba bad which paul has come out and says he loves manchester united and this is the club he wants to play for.

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