C-RM Funny Song Ji Hyo Happy Smile Reunite Kang Gary – The Glance of love

Giải Trí

C-RM Funny Awww, how Sweet, I love 2017~~
Kang Gary even wants Haha to spin back time to 7 years ago, when he first met Ji Hyo

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32 thoughts on “C-RM Funny Song Ji Hyo Happy Smile Reunite Kang Gary – The Glance of love

  1. I haven't watch RM since Gary left… I hope he will come back sooner.. I just felt sad when I watched this 💔💔… Monday couple, I missed this two

  2. When kang gary left ,I never watched RM until now … I hope kang gary CAN join RM again and be a "FRIEND" with ji hyo bcz now he already married .. support kang gary to join RM again 💪💪💪💪

  3. Kang Gary was Ji Hyo’s light and happiness. He always make her smile and laugh a lot since in Running Man. When Kang Gary left, Ji Hyo was not much same. Hope Gary can come back to shine Ji Hyo’s smile and laugh again as close friend since he is married now. Truly miss Monday Couple ❤️😭❤️

  4. It break my heart💔 seeing running man being like this. Song ji hyo was more livelier in that episode and it breaks 💔 my heart for giving another goodbye to one member who completes running man❤️ I hope we se hik again in another episode where he could meet sechan and somin

  5. After 324 325 , gary left, i never watched RM anymore.. Until now.. (468) .. And 469 ,gary special guest in RM.. I hopr 7012 will reunite again until they old and die peacefully .. RM fans was all around the world.. Including me, Malaysia … I hope they will bring back our 9 years memory again.. Please send this message to them.. 🙏
    I miss you all RM..
    (Still on going episodes 326-466) everyday, every night.. Will catch you later..)
    And to se chan and soo min, good job both of you.. Welldone!!!

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