Call of Duty: WARZONE


Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale. This video includes first impressions + What you need to know for the new Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale mode. I was not able to go this time around but lets talk about what we know right now.

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29 thoughts on “Call of Duty: WARZONE

  1. I couldnt make it this time around, but heres some of the information we have on WARZONE. Confirmed.
    Releases in less than 24 hours! Free to play and much more.


  2. is call of dury warzone a free game to play ? or is it like a trial and it will be gone soon and you have to play thru the payed game

  3. Hey guys, please check out my trickshot on my channel. It's worth it and I would really appreciate it. Thanks ❤️

  4. This mode already sucks… waiting for 150 to join the lobby… smh… leave it to activision to mess this up

  5. Don’t even waste your time stupid as shit I’d rather play fucking Fortnite they come up with some stupid ass ideas

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