Carillon (A tower filled with 100 tons of bells)

Bất Động Sản

An enormous tower filled with 100 tons of bronze bells, some the size of a car, that you play with a massive keyboard at the top of the tower.

Joey Brink is the University Carillonneur at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel at the University of Chicago:
They give tours of the Carillon Thursday through Friday btw!

Anchor tab book:
The one that was ever so subtly mentioned at the end of the video.

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insert heavy metal pun here.

2nd channel extras!
All of the audio from the outside as we were filming:

Audio Recorded by Vincent M Ippolito of Swift Road Studios:

Audio Mixed by Rob Ruccia of Uptown Recording:
Camera operated by Kyle Guzman:

Video edit and main camera by Jake Jarvi:

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22 thoughts on “Carillon (A tower filled with 100 tons of bells)

  1. I always assumed it was pronounced "carry on" but maybe it's not a French word. Googling it now…

    It appears that sounded Ls have become the accepted pronounciation but the origin is French and in spite of that fact that I don't speak French, I'm Canadian and we're required to do French class until grade 9 so I can't not read it with silent Ls.

    Disclaimer: I took grade 9 French three times so have no excuse to be this anal about it.

    Addendum: that "Keep Calm and Carillon" shirt proves that I'm right and that carillonist agrees.

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