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31 thoughts on “CHOCOLATE CAKE – Bánh Sô Cô La

  1. Looks so good! Super irrelevant fact; in baking, and only baking, sugar is considered a wet ingredient and would be mixed with the eggs and milk!

  2. Hi helen! Finally i got the chance to try making this cake.. just today I made one like this as a gift for my 4 year old godson on sunday! I hope everyone will like it. Will post a snap of it on instagram soon 😊

  3. Helen oi minh moi lam thu banh hom nay. Banh an rat ngon. Nhung co dieu la banh minh lam ra bi roi rac. Dung vo la banh vo vun ra lien. Minh ko biet minh lam sai cho nao. Chi minh voi. sap thoi noi con minh minh dinh lam de moi ban be nhung minh ko co nhieu tg. Cam on Helen

  4. I love watching these overseas cooking videos; however, I don't have tools to measure them in grams..😭😭..

  5. chị helen ơi, công dụng của bột baking power là gì v ạ. em muốn k sử dụng bột đó thì có đc k ạ

  6. Please translate your measurement in US, it was hard to find the converted it. The cake looks delicious though!

  7. C ơi khay nướng bánh của chị size là bao nhiêu vậy ạ? E nướng size 20cm mà bên trong bánh vẫn rất nhão ạ :(( chỉ chín bên ngoài còn bên trong thì vẫn bột bánh thui c ơi

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