Did Jong Kook Succeed Again?! [Running Man Ep 440]

Giải Trí

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48 thoughts on “Did Jong Kook Succeed Again?! [Running Man Ep 440]

  1. I love running man…. 🎉🎉🎉 That's why I still watch every ep. Without skip… Because of kjk oppa sarangheo❤️💕❤️💕💖

  2. Being a LONG TIME fan of "Running Man", it really hurts to see on how FAR the show has fallen/declined in its quality since its inception. The current PD/Writers in charge are just terrible when it comes to creating new and exciting games.

    And I hate to be the guy that says this but I feel like the cast and crew's deep familial like relationship is turning out to be a double edged sword. After seeing on how the show was partially revitalized with new energy when Jeon So-Min joined the program, it's become more evident to me that the show really does need a BIG change where they do major revamp with the show's cast.

    I personally had no problem when I first heard the original announcement 2 years ago that KJK and SJH were leaving the program. It was H)OW they did it that was wrong and I don't think bringing someone like Kang Ho-Dong would have been better at all.

    A LOT of the current members lack the same energy that they once had because of their age and injuries, which is why we can't do any real exciting physical games anymore. Plus, we've seen the same cast interact with each other for almost 9 years now that everything has become so predictable.

    IF this show is to have a LONGER future, then I would really recast some of the current members, along with changing the current staff in charge with folks actually capable of creating entertaining games and concepts. Sadly, this is likely never to happen because of the fact that the members and cast are close to each other in real life. They would rather watch the show get canceled with their current members then see it survive with new ones.

  3. since they're getting old and cant do much games that involve physical work, watching them play luck base game is quite fun too xD

  4. pure kim jong kook section came after long wait finally , I am seeing something related to kim jong kook only, screen time for him the past eps , he was appearing only for SJH screen time sake by attaching him for her , I need kim jong kook to come back as before.he was so cute and sexy at the same time , love his reaction and his laugh , I really missed seeing him like this

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