[ENG] 111128 Hello! (Jay Park cut)

Giải Trí

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Transcript & Translation : idlenesswego & mk
Subber: Tintun
QCer: DianEvil
Video: MsKeany


29 thoughts on “[ENG] 111128 Hello! (Jay Park cut)

  1. i'm actually really glad that he got out of the company and made his own company bcs he's being 100% himself now which puts him to comfort too

  2. He says iam not good at expressing my feelings but then he goes and express them very well in his songs.He is shy front to front lol i love him so much 😂❤️❤️❤️

  3. this bitches throwing shades at him making fun of him. FY!! but seriously he's come from innocent fun to americanKoreanBadBoiii ✊✊✊😘😘😘

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