[ENG SUB] [EP10 Cut] Super Junior vs Red Velvet : SuperJuniorTv S2

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Super TV is a Korean variety show by Super Junior distributed by XtvN and tvN. The show airs on Xtvn every Thursday at 08:00 PM

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28 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] [EP10 Cut] Super Junior vs Red Velvet : SuperJuniorTv S2

  1. Having Red Velvet on the last episode, you can clearly see how different Super Junior treat Red Velvet and other girl groups. They are totally like brothers and sisters here 😂😂😂

  2. But why when crazy fanboy shout her name "Park Sooyoung" infront the cameras she always can't hold her laugh https://youtu.be/rUmfkUfW898

  3. Irene isn't easy comfortable with male idols AND ALSO DONGHAE.
    If u already see them like this, then you have to knos that SM ALWAYS LIKE THIS.
    Treat each other like family, Since they(SUJU-RV) already know each other for long time.

  4. 17:47 – hyung!!!! When siwon and shim dong are the younger one to the baby looking hyung this reminds me to Exo giant maknae line and tiny hyungs 💖🤭

  5. Ofcourse red velvet don't need name tag here bcs they know eachother well and i guess, those chaos literally happened in SM

  6. SM groups will always be my favorite for how they interact with each other. The older groups really help the younger ones, and together they’re just funny!

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