[ENG SUB – We got Married4] 우리 결혼했어요 – Jonghyun♥seungyeon, romantic blues! 20150725

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Jonghyun♥seungyeon, romantic blues!
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【We Got Married 4】.

Six single celebrities experiencing married life in reality show! Will any of the celebrities find their true love? Every SAT 5:10 PM, please follow us for the latest We Got Married episodes!

Couple 1. Jong Hyun ♥ Seung Hyun
Couple 2. Min Suk ♥ Ye Won
Couple 3. Sung Jae ♥ Joy

★★★More “We Got Married4” clips are available★★★

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30 thoughts on “[ENG SUB – We got Married4] 우리 결혼했어요 – Jonghyun♥seungyeon, romantic blues! 20150725

  1. I still can't believe that he did and said what so many people heard. His face seems innocent if you forget about the scandals, but then they all come back to mind and can't forget about them.

  2. I want a guy like him but not like all the scandals. I want the guy he seemed like before it all went down.

  3. I like him I don't know about scandal in comment but I watched her drama flowers crew joseon marriage agency

  4. I wonder if jeongyeon didn't got mad with this guy after knowing his scandal and feel bad about her sister

  5. I remember I got crucified by people when I wrote a comment saying that he looks like a sketchy person when this show was running.

  6. I honestly don’t know whether he was just putting up an act or the years changed him but it’s so shocking to me as a viewer. He was always a gentleman to her and so loving, I remember even until the last episode she talked about how her mom told her that she’d refill some of the jars of food that Seungyeon had brought for him. It’s just…wow, we only just really see a snippet of these people’s lives.

  7. i actually think this is cute.
    everyone is overreacting bc of the scandal, yall please just enjoy how they liked each other. and how can it be disgusting? because he committed suicide?!

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