Girl's Day (Yura, Minah) Running Man ep 162 Cuts

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biased cuts XD but seriously Yura doesn’t have as much screen time as Minah. I can hear Yura’s infamous laughter throughout the whole episode but she’s not in the screen :/
more cuts can be found here:
the cuts from SBS are kind of… dunno but there are some interactions – okay just plain talking XD between Minah and Naeun/ Dasom that are not shown.
Girl’s Day and Yoo Jaesuk practice:
currently banned in Korea and Japan… omg please don’t let my video flop anymore T_T


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21 thoughts on “Girl's Day (Yura, Minah) Running Man ep 162 Cuts

  1. She didn’t have to be so rude , like ji hyo unnie was just saying that cuz they asked her who they were before with and she added how she felt towards them.

  2. I miss the old kpop where female and male idol easily interact with each other without any toxic comment from over-jealousy fans. You made them popular but you not own their life. Just let your idol dating freely like you do 😭

  3. Girls day can be noisy and loud when they’re together, even jihyo likes the atmosphere when they’re around 😂 But who doesn’t love them tho 🤭

  4. Why can’t kpop idols be like this anymore? It used to be fun and shows brought idols together and let them have fun in a safe environment but nowadays they’re too cautious for the sake of rumors smh

  5. 아이돌의제왕편 개인적으로 럼닝맨최고의편 정말재밌게봤고ㅋㅋ멤버들도 정말재밌게놀다가는거같음 ㅋㅋ뭔가 옛날추억나는것도있고 암튼최고의편중하나

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