GIRL'S DAY Yura & Yoon Siyoon (Donggu) 2 Days 1 Night – 2D1N FMV

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This ep was aired on Oct 2017 & this Q&A interview with Yura in celebration of “Radio Romance”‘s finale on April 2018.
Q. Are there any stars you’ve grown close and keep in touch because of “Life Bar”?
A. Not because of “Life Bar”, but I do keep in touch with actor Yoon Siyoon and comedian Yang Sehyung who I’ve met through different variety shows. When I get an offer for a variety show (2D1N), I tend to consult with Yang Sehyung and for dramas, I talk to Yoon Siyoon. Even before starting “Radio Romance”, I had many conversations with him. Since I’m not originally an actress, it was good to have his perception, looking at the story and the role in the eyes of a real actor.
Girl’s Day’s Yura talked about the recently ended drama ‘Radio Romance’, her love life, and more with Star News.
In ‘Radio Romance’, Yura worked with actress Kim So Hyun and Highlight’s Doojoon. When asked if she talked a lot about the production with the fellow idol actor, Yura said, “Fortunately, we were able to become close fast because oppa was very playful. We didn’t really talk much about acting. I talked a lot with Yoon Siyoon oppa about this drama. He monitored several times for me. He has a great passion for acting.”
The reporter asked how Yura got close to actor Yoon Siyoon. She answered, “He was my partner when I guested on ‘2 Days 1 Night’. We contacted each other time to time after then. He gave me a good response when I asked him about acting. We both also love to chat. He’s really one of the celebrities that I’ve gotten close to lately.”


26 thoughts on “GIRL'S DAY Yura & Yoon Siyoon (Donggu) 2 Days 1 Night – 2D1N FMV

  1. So glad Yura recently close with Si Yoon, he is really a kind man. I hope Yura and Si Yoon will have a drama together as the main lead or be a real couple 😊

  2. i actually watched this episode, because of their pairing this became one of my favorite episodes of 2d1n! Im so sad with what happened to the show, but lets all look forward and support each members in their future paths! specially yoon siyoon! hope they become a couple tho kekeke

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