[GOT7 Golden key ep.23] Chef Mark’s cooking ability?(마크쉐프의 요리 실력은?)

Giải Trí

#GOT7 #Ahgase #Goldenkey
‘Golden Key’ which is a both way communication program with the fans.
The top group GOT7 is going on a trip to communicate with their fans.
We can see how GOT7 Mark and Youngjae expresses their thankful feelings to their fans.

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47 thoughts on “[GOT7 Golden key ep.23] Chef Mark’s cooking ability?(마크쉐프의 요리 실력은?)

  1. Youngjae:- Mark chef please come out
    Mark:- coming out ( Youngjae (24) chef that raps)
    ExCuSe mE? 😂😂😂

  2. These boys made me confused. Im still trying to figure out which ahgase species are we 😂

  3. Pls got7 make up your mind. What really are we? Chicken, chick, sparrow, shoebill or phoenix? Hahahaha

  4. Lol Youngjae as MC is so cute! The many times he said ahgase. And then Mark coming out as the proud chef rapper. I love them!!

  5. YoungJae, Ahgase = Chicken
    Jinyoung, Ahgase = Shoebill
    BamBam, Ahgase = Chick
    The rest thought we were sparrow 😆😆

  6. so so so happy that even after all these years mark is still happily eating not to mention it’s his iconic mark meal❤️

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