GTA SA – New Secret Cheats – Feat. Spoofer


Did you know that starting from the mobile port of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, the developers from War Drum Studios decided to introduce completely new, and at the same time, secret cheats in the game? These cheats added in Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Windows 8 and probably in Xbox One version.
●GTA SA Mobile cheat combinations (Works on GTA SA Android and GTA SA Windows Store version)

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30 thoughts on “GTA SA – New Secret Cheats – Feat. Spoofer

  1. Would you know how to fix the issue with the spinning camera when you play the mobile version of GTA SA in an emulator?

  2. how to i cant use the cheats on ios ? i have a bluetooth keyboard and i play the game it dosent work ? why why why ?

  3. 5:43 i accidentally found this secret cheat by cleo. idk why they in the mobile version, so i play with it:)

  4. I'm betting that the developers used that skip mission cheat a lot during development of this port which is why it feels so rushed and unpolished

  5. You need to conenct a keyboard to your phone. R.I.P iOS phones (or do they have support? Idk i use Android)

  6. Me: Finally i know how how to skip wrong side of the tracks!
    Big smoke: All you had to do was play the mission normally, john!

  7. Are achievements obtainable if I use the cheat codes on Xbox 360 because when I use the normal cheat code I don't get achievements

  8. This video showed up like it was a new video and I got SO HYPED- But it aint, it's still worth a rewatch though because vadim M always brings the quality!

  9. Recently i've tried one pc cheat on the vice city mobile port (using a keyboard) it crashes the game haha

  10. Well I mean BAGUVIX (Semi-Inf Health cheat) isn't lying when the real cheat code is NOONECANHURTME because:
    1. Fall damage isn't somebody
    2. Drowning isn't somebody
    3. Police helicopters aren't somebody (No pilots)

  11. z Kodem invincibilty da się zabić trzeba skoczyć z budynku z spadachronęm i nie otwierać go .🧐🧐🧐🧐

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