Ha Ha & Byul Lived as total Strangers Before They Got Married [My Little Old Boy Ep 144]

Giải Trí

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45 thoughts on “Ha Ha & Byul Lived as total Strangers Before They Got Married [My Little Old Boy Ep 144]

  1. It makes me happy everytime I watched Haha and Byul's show appearances so I am really shocked when Knetz bashed them both for appearing in this specific segment. I mean, hellloooooo why the hate?

  2. I think jongkook and eunhye did dated in the past that's why it became awkward but to cover it up used as a joke among the rm members. Jongmin probably don't know about it lol

  3. I dont Korean cosmetics cuz everytime they show flashbacks you see that they actually look younger and prettier like 15 years later…. koreans are mutants dang

  4. That's a great story. I guess they were truly made for each other. Life just put them back together later on 💕 And they look truly in love with each other

  5. This is sometimes why its better to have kids first. Tons of k-celebs who got pregnant before getting married and are still together while others who got married bcoz they met in a tv drama are now divorced.

  6. Am I the only one who really believes that KJK is still waiting for Eun Hye? I mean, she’s definitely the one KJK was referring in that car convo. So yeah, until his reaction changes when Eun Hye’s name is mentioned I won’t buy the Spartace dating rumor ✌🏻Jong Kook is not getting any younger, hello destiny? When are you planning to let these two meet again?

  7. Still dont understand why people angry on byul, she just sharing something about their married life which i also think it was kind of interesting too

  8. Come on went can I see kwangsoo and jaesuk together in this show? I mean I know they did came to the concert but I want them to be in the show like haha.😊 Pleaseee

  9. Its amazing how KJK can still fall in the Eun Hye trap. The moment x man was mentioned I knew it was coming but his reaction is still something.

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