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Ha Ha's Ramyeon Mukbang~ Does Jong Kook Want Some? [My Little Old Boy Ep 130]

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  1. Aspen Colorado 1 week ago

    Yo but no one is going to talk about them playing Twisted Nerve in the background during that scene? Lol. How do they choose the music for these shows?

  2. 00 Taiga 1 week ago

    Scientist have proven that eating ramen at jong kook's house and right in front of him makes it taste better

  3. su-ji sueweetie 1 week ago

    Lmao HaHa is really really good at teasing KJK

  4. BIgBanG VIP 1 week ago

    Haha talking morning sickness and I have that situation right now pregnant belly and morning sickness is worse than any other thing omg I want to watch other peoples eating since I can't eat food 😭

  5. Nihaya Salih 1 week ago

    As a little girl, I used to eat at neighbors'/friends' house. It was like picnic for me 😂

  6. Haniff Afifi 1 week ago

    One year been passed

  7. ningthou ningthoujam 1 week ago

    Huge amount of respect for the discipline jong kook has

  8. Syahira Izyana 1 week ago

    Bongok lah , aku yang terliur 😂

  9. Jingyu Sakuma 1 week ago

    Does anyone know the brand of ramen that haha and se chan ate at jong kook place? It looks so damn delicious!

  10. Probably A Cat 1 week ago

    KJK’s sofa is the glow up we all need 😂

  11. Jia Ruey JR 1 week ago


  12. Psycho 1 week ago

    2:33 can someone tell me whats the name of the background music?

  13. Bea 1 week ago

    Bruh the amount of self discipline Jongkook has is really admirable

  14. 강태희 1 week ago

    Haha original face expression of eating Ramyeon is from the old gold era of running man! 😭

  15. Editha pabia 1 week ago

    Haha is always the funny guy in rm for me 🤣🤣

  16. Saitama 22 1 week ago

    40 but look like 18

  17. spark tae 1 week ago

    I'm so hungry now djdj

  18. anchor anchor 1 week ago

    ramyeon is delicious but its not good for you

  19. ruby azofeifa 1 week ago

    I love Ha Ha disposition, he always seems to be in a good mood.

  20. missykhban 1 week ago

    me on a diet vs. the rest of my family 😂😂😂

  21. chi shamsudin 1 week ago

    Jk will power is super strong whilst me ask to take a bite everytime someone eats infront of me.

  22. Bailey M 1 week ago

    I simply have to admire KJK discipline and will power and need to learn from it. It is a slippery slope for those who just say, go ahead and eat some bad food as it changes ones mentality. I know, I never ate sugar really but now at the office I grab a small chocolate a day. Some days now it turns to two or three, it just creeps up on you. Staying discipline with no cheating is the best. Props to KJK, I wouldn't have resisted a taste.

  23. Hajar Haroro 1 week ago

    I can’t believe HAHA is in his 40s!!!! He still looks like a child to me 😂

  24. PajYeeb Yaj 1 week ago

    Lol everyone he know eats ramen at his house 😂😂

  25. Vincent Tan 1 week ago

    that's me when having lunch with colleague.

  26. Zfrh Mtlp 1 week ago

    Haha just ruin my diet……….i'm literally having maggi right now!

  27. Krepe Dude 1 week ago

    Yo im trying to eat less carbs but ended up betraying myself in a few seconds.

  28. Running Man Big Fan 1 week ago

    Anybody? Shin Ramyeon?

  29. 박경민 1 week ago

    와…저걸 참아낸다는게….대단하다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ저걸 어떻게 안 먹어….

  30. daffodil 123 1 week ago

    his table it's like kwang soo's

  31. John K 1 week ago

    종국도 사람인데…. 왜 먹고 싶지 당연히… 대단해

  32. Tea For You 1 week ago

    Ofcourse he'd want it.. he's a human too. Poor jk.. I feel you man.

  33. bts forever # Army 1 week ago

    Haha is so funny

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