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Haha Confesses 7 Years Of Running Man Destroyed The Members’ Bodies!

Haha Confesses 7 Years Of Running Man Destroyed The Members’ Bodies
HaHa talks about the serious injuries ‘Running Man’ members have from being on the show for a long time. HaHa talked about the pain that many variety show members went through.
He revealed that because of being on shows such as ‘Infinity Challenge’ and ‘Running Man’, he had to have surgery on his spinal disc. He revealed, “My spinal disc problem became so bad that I needed to undergo a procedure. My 7th disc burst seriously. But I couldn’t say that I was not well. I thought everyone went through the same thing. It could be that my doctor was exaggerating, but he told me I was almost paralyzed.”
credit: koreaboo


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  1. Maica Aquinde 5 days ago

    It's very understandable that they might really get injured seriously as they're all getting older. :(( I just wish if they have to stop running man, they'll have a better segment with same members.

  2. Keirylle Guzman 5 days ago

    I will always support RUNNING MAN.❤
    They went through many hardships just to make us laugh.

  3. Ruzil Tunyi 5 days ago

    I came to know about RM dis year 😢 though it was started years bck…n became a huge fan n now they r becoming too old to run the show…they olways made my day n make everyone laugh… Wish they will b fit n fine soon n continue to make people happy again…

  4. Yellie Me EXO - OT9 5 days ago

    I didn't know this video exist, 😭

  5. Moves Me 5 days ago

    thats why i feel worry for song jihyo she's been running for 10yrs now.
    Some episodes i saw her with pain reliver pads.
    Pls be healthy jihyo

  6. Ejuirn the pigeon 5 days ago

    My heart could get more broken.. :'(

  7. Elle L 5 days ago

    i am sorry I do not mean to sound mean but how does running once/twice a week affect your health? most of them are celebrities (actors, models, singers) that were always supposed to be in shape (which means they had to have worked out as it is without being on the show) for the duration of their respective careers….?? it looks like a dream job to me…

  8. Kkukung Mers 5 days ago

    I feel sorry to him and I hope some people who thinks they are fans of him and Running Man ..Please respect all Running Man members and staffs !! They all work hard not just to satisfy you guys !!!

  9. Santi Sansitha 5 days ago

    Wasn't these factors visible to every RM viewers? I knew it from the very beginning, when I started to watch. I have very deep respect and highly appreciate their contribution through this show. I totally will support each RM members including guest artists (past and present both), in whatever decision they make. I will forever support them, in no matter when and where they decided to leave….as long as they are happy and healthy with their family, friends and RM fans 😍.

  10. zulfirdaus zainuddin 5 days ago

    I hope the 10th and the end of the year will be their last and be grand episode with every members and guest.

  11. 닉스귀여 5 days ago

    Exactly. That is why I have nothing against the new running man – less physical activities unlike before. While some people keep complaining about the show ‘changing’ ‘getting boring because no nametag elimination’ etc. I hope they understand that the members are getting older. Most especially JSJ. This video was even 2 years ago. Those so-called ‘fans’ should understand that the members’ health is important as well. What matters is that they are still running the show and they still bring us laughter despite of all the health problems they’ve been through all these years. We should be grateful instead. If you don’t like the show anymore, just don’t watch it and keep your negative thoughts/comments to yourself. It’s that simple.

    Running Man fighting~!! 😢💛

  12. Zul Jazli 5 days ago

    This is for all the haters that says running man is not funny or entertaining.You guys need to know what they have been through to judge them.

  13. mystic mask 5 days ago

    I never thought so much happened to them behind that SMILE

  14. Karren Castro 5 days ago


  15. Ika Kurnia 5 days ago

    I will always cheering for all running man members.. don't walk. run! running man fighting

  16. Miks Santos 5 days ago


  17. Bae Kieyshia 5 days ago

    Exchange with other people

  18. S Eyingbeni Lotha 5 days ago

    Big respect

  19. Rachel Choi 5 days ago

    This is one of the main reasons why the games they played these days are not as challenging as before.. The show now is just giving their health a priority. I don't get it and I really hate those people who complained about the shows being boring, to bring back the old games/concept, and saying that it's not as thrilling as before without even thinking about the members' well-being yet they called themeselves a fan. If you are a true fan, support them until the end. Their games nowadays are simple yet fun, the laughing factor is always there and I don't see it being boring. I always laugh myself out when watching the recent episodes. I always love running man and always will. I am proud to say that I am a true fan.

  20. Alliah Marie Cababaros 5 days ago

    Too sad thinking that the program will end but after seeing this, i think its for the best. They really need to rest their body, god bless all the running man members😢😘😍

  21. Derpy Venom 5 days ago

    the fact that it "destroyed" members body is because they don't exercise on a regular basis. idk how they prepare for races, but they should always stretch before and after a race and not sit down straight away after running. if they don't all these right they prolly wont have any problems with their bodies.

  22. Andrea JustAndrea 5 days ago

    its like the Avengers lol. Need a whole new young cast

  23. S.G 5 days ago

    Huhuhu we didnt know. Love from us. Take care.💕😢

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