[HOT CLIPS] [MLOB] [EP 135] | Who is the special guest in JongKook Concert?(ENG SUB)

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“MY LITTLE OLD BOY” which is aired in Korea On APRIL 21st, EP.135, 2019.
2019, Kim Jong Kook Concert “Finding Kim Jong Kook”
This Concert Special Guests are Park Joon Hyung of g.o.d. and HaHa!

00:19 This is the Person
03:14 Friday night
05:10 Lovely
05:39 December
06:31 Love is
06:44 Twist King
06:59 Goodbye Yesterday
08:14 White Love


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Kini SBS-IN beroperasi 24 jam di Indonesia, semua program dilengkapi dengan subtitle bahasa Indonesia.
Sebarkan berita ini kepada orang di sekelilingmu^^

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36 thoughts on “[HOT CLIPS] [MLOB] [EP 135] | Who is the special guest in JongKook Concert?(ENG SUB)

  1. I can feel bond between jae suk n jong kook after all they have been together seen xman family outing n running man….nearly 20 years

  2. Such a perfect guy ah kim jong kook… Good looking, love his family, sweet smiles, good at singing, extremely loyal, nice body, cute laugh, jealous type, love saving, healthy lifestyle, strong, kind heart, warm and speak english fluently. WHY IS HE STILL SINGLE? IF im more pretty, a korean, and older I WILL JUMP MYSELF TO HIM

  3. Who is that two girls that have same clothes..?everytime JK make concert they keep following…. Just want to know thst

  4. who did jongkook sings white love with actually? cause there's one with haha and one with se chan? or did he sang it twice with both of them seperately?

  5. Jae Suk Dong Hoon Gwang Soo Se Chan are like brothers from different mother and So Min is the maknae little sister that tags along with his brothers no matter where they go

  6. Not connected by blood but connected with loyalty, one show that taught lot of human connections which I will watch until the last ep "Running Man"

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