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Attract Someone Who Doesn’t Want You or is in a Relationship
* Explicit, Step By Step, Detailed Instructions on How To Remove A Third Party, Permanently, No Matter Your Situation
* 5 Outlined Steps To Follow
* 6 Affirmations You Can Use To Change Your Limiting Beliefs To Positive Beliefs
* Real Life Experience
* Real Life Examples & Success Stories
* How to Attract Someone Who Doesn’t Want You
* How to Attract Someone Who Is In A Relationship
* How To Attract Someone Who is Married
* How To Stop Your Partner From Cheating
* What Works And What Doesn’t

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  1. I have a third party issue .. he was single got married and she caught his msges with now she’s screwed him and his cold towards me what do I do pl

  2. I have been texting a certain person, but we are on separate coasts. I met him on worse app ever " whatsapp" come to find out we have a huge age difference between us. I am 54 and he is 32.

  3. Hello there, have you considered Mofedest Miracle yet? Just do a google search. On there you'll find an awesome suggestions about how you can knowing the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success. Why don't you give it a chance? maybe it will work for you too.

  4. I read loads of great reviews on the internet about how Mofedest Miracle can help you understanding the true secrets laws of attraction. Has any one tried this popular self-development techniques that designed by well known life coach?

  5. recently, it's so weird. My mind literally can't even imagine the third party. Like I can't even see them they-don't-exist. I must be doing it right.

  6. I recently found out my ex is engaged. Can I still manifest him back? I'm heartbroken at the moment but willing to try this if it's possible for me to bring him back.

  7. I know my man will always choose me over anyone…its me he loves and nobody can take him away from me🚮 coz hes mine..the other girl's packing her shit as I speak because I know it's not working between them..🤗 I'm the only one he connects to. I'm irreplaceable 💃🤗😊 will give an update because I know he's coming sooner than i expect. Thank're amazing❤💕

  8. Hey Jasmine. I hope you can answer this: did you also explore other people while your SP did the same? Were you ever concerned about ending up meeting someone better than your SP or losing that connection with them? OR Did you feel that you would explore with other people & see what manifestations of yours shine through, regardless if it was with your SP or somebody new?

  9. I manifested my ex back in 2018 after I broke her heart in 2017 (ppl brought us apart) while she was dating someone else. THEN, I manifested our breakup and she broke up with me 7 months later in April… I was broken and lost and confused.. then I regained composure, and started manifesting her back again, and in May, we kissed! She told me her feelings always come back for me when she sees me.. from then on until September, we had a couple of bumps where she would pull back, but would always pull in again and end of Sept she confessed she loved me! I was so happy!.. then she moved away and we kept loving each other. End of Dec 2019 she ended it w me due to events of 2017 and she started talking long distance to a guy she dated after me in 2017, who she stayed friends w. I was always worried about him and their friendship when we were together and even after we broke up, and I feel I manifested them to get together. 2 months on, they're now in an official LDR.. earlier this week I started manifesting her again and getting rid of the 3P, later that day she told me his medical condition which shortens his life causes her so much anxiety and she feels shes is in for a life of heartache, and was contemplating breaking up with him! The next day, she said she felt better and is "trusting in the universe" and thinks the universe is trying to teach her something by being with him.. so I keep feeling she will stay with him but trying to ignore it.. My manifestation journey begins now! I am living in the end, she is deeply in love with me and the 3P is no more! (I will keep updating every month)

  10. Hello guys. First of all sorry for my English. I really need your advice. I want to manifest my ex back and I was trying to do but a few days ago my beloved dog passed away and I'm really depressed. I don't know how to deal with it. I can't focus on positive things I can't focus on my ex and I know that he is getting out with some girls having fun etc. I'm afraid that I will lose him.

  11. I have been trying to manifest a specific person for almost 3 years but he keeps rejecting me. He has other women so he doesnt want to be with only me. I am confident that I am the best choice for him and that I am the most honest and loyal and trustworthy woman he has ever met or ever will meet so not sure why he doesnt want a committed relationship with me. I am confident in myself that he could never replace me for sure. We are older people in our 50's and 60's so not sure how to handle it. Also isn't there free will and I cant force him to want to be with me. ????

  12. This is exactly what I did when (before I knew I create) my SP was leaving me for another woman. Then I learned I create. We’ve been back together for 8 years 💞🥰

  13. I usually have a hard time manifesting the people I love end they end up choosing someone else before a relationship even has a chance to start – any tips, please?

  14. I just love her videos. I applied everything she teaches on her videos and it works like magic. What 3rd. Party? I’m the only one that matters in my world and his world. I am the god of my universe ❤️ blessings to you jasmine

  15. Great video. Very reassuring. I know you love makeup too, so I wanted to comment on that this time. These are the perfect neutrals for you. I love the way you mixed your blue, purple and brown eyeshadow (very inspiring), lipstick shade and nail color – everything looks stellar. Also, love your blouse and looks great with your hair.

  16. Jasmine, you would be good coach for High School girls who need confidence and let mean girls get to them. #ignore them

  17. I really need this video right now.. Saw him posted a story with a hand of a girl last night.. And I am going to do this. It's nothing! He is just trying to provoke me or make me jealous. He only thinks of me. Period.

  18. You're videos are literally so helpful! I click with them more then any other manifesting coach! I'm been trying to manifest my ex back and I've been feeling so confident and living in the end. Yesterday I saw that he posted a picture of a tinder conversation with someone a few days ago and he talked about how amazing she is. I was upset at first. Now, after watching this video I'm just telling myself that he just posted that to make me jealous and that no women can be remotely as amazing as me. Thank you for spreading your confidence to everyone! Love you Jasmine!

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