Hye Ri Eats a Fistful of jjajangmyeon at One Bite [Home Alone Ep 300]

Giải Trí

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46 thoughts on “Hye Ri Eats a Fistful of jjajangmyeon at One Bite [Home Alone Ep 300]

  1. Hyeri's "mukbang" doesn't seem natural imho. The panel were putting it kindly "she's constantly on eggshells because she wants to eat more but she's embarrassed", but what I got from watching that was "was that attention-grabbing enough? Did people pay attention to me?". Hwasa however just eats how she (and most people) normally do. Doesn't exaggerate every bite and isn't on eggshells either.

  2. I love that they don't use white washing filters on them like most korean shows, appreciate your various skins tones Korean people❤ your tanned and yellow skin is beautiful, don't let multi millionaire cosmetic groups tell you otherwise

  3. it's really satisfying to watch people eat a handful of jajangmyeon and shove it through their mouth than eating it little by little, it's much frustrating.

  4. I don’t find Hyeri’s eating appetizing because it looks like she’s struggling when noodles fall out of her mouth but the way Hwasa eats makes it look soo appetizing cause she literally is a black hole and the food just looks like it melts away and i get hungry

  5. 화사는 막 맛있게 먹는 거 처럼 보일려고 노력하는게 아니고 자기 방식대로 즐기는 거 같아서 너무 좋다.

  6. Me eating in public;
    Everyone else; “wow, she eats rlly well!”

    I literally didn’t eat anything for 2 days bcs of dieting or fasting. Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me JUST LEME EAT IN PEACE

    And the same with idols. In shows they eat and enjoy like that, bcs it’s often the only time they are allowed to really eat things like that. At home they always dieting. Most of the time They don’t ‘eat well’. They starving but ok.

  7. 2:15 “I’m going to eat as I watch her.”
    I read that as ‘I’m going to watch as I eat her.” Lmfao why is my brain like this 💀💀

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