[Infinite Challenge] 무한도전 – Haha&Jae Seok, "I am sorry that I was too late." 20150905

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Haha&Jae Seok, “I am sorry that I was too late.”
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【Infinite Challenge】.

This variety show concept is making what’s impossible to possible anyway! While top Korean Comedians face unexpected situations and physical challenges that ordinary people hardly experienced before, they try to re-define the meaning of impossible!
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Members: Haha, Junha Jung, Jae Seok Yoo, Myeong Soo Park, Hyung Don Jeong, Gwang hee Hwang

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31 thoughts on “[Infinite Challenge] 무한도전 – Haha&Jae Seok, "I am sorry that I was too late." 20150905

  1. Watching this makes my heart fall. I mean she lived her life just like that (without family) and realization just hit my mentality how lucky I am for my family 😭😭😭😭😭……

  2. 아 진짜 이거 보면 눈물이 안나올수가 없다ㅜ 할머니 건강하시고 코로나 조심하세요…ㅠㅠ

  3. Can't the korean govermant bring them back ???? it is really soo sad that Japan did such horrible things to korean people 😢😢😢 I really wish that korean goverment should bring them back to their home n families ,for the first time I saw HAHA crying I realy hope for the best for people who are still in stuck in Japan ,love from india

  4. We in MALAYsia also suffer during Japanese invasion here in MALAYA our ancestors fought them to the end after the British left us

  5. People keep saying that they are sorry, some say that they feel sad about this and some say that they are furious with Japan. At the end this is only thing they know how to do, keep blaming. I believe not many people watched this video thought about how to help other poor people who stuck in the same situation like this old lady. It makes me feel so silly after I read your half-ass “feeling sorry” comments. Pathetic.

  6. 배달의 무도 한지도 벌써 5년…그땐 왜 이런 재미없는 특집 하는거지? 했지만 지금 보니 다르다…있을땐 모르는데 없을땐 너무 그립다…무도 그립다…그리고 할머니 죄송합니다…지금도 몸 성히 지내시는지 모르겠네요…ㅔ

  7. 일본이 하루 빨리 위안부 피해자분들 그리고 역사 왜곡과 일본 강제징용에 관한 것들 모두 진심어린 사과와 사죄를 해주시기를 간곡히 호소합니다.

  8. Teringat aku dgn sejarah yang pernah berlaku kat malaysia kata2 slogan asia utk org asia… Ke apa ntah like ingat nk tolong bebaskan dr negara luar tpi sebenarnya bertambah memudaratkan negara sendiri.. Lepastu disuruhnya nyanyi lagu jepun and many more… Haih… Aku suka je jepun ni bknnya x suka..but cara org yg pgg jawatan like wthell ..perangai xnk minta maaf..padahalsvcr besar besaran dh kantoi …wth …

  9. Why don't you just let people live happily , don't steal their stuff , don't do bad things to them … Why you so cruel and greedy .. idk why you need to slave them in force for your sake … 😣😣😣😣😣

  10. 재석이형이 늦었다고 미안하다고 하는게 예전부터 우토로마을에 알고 기부는 했는데 지금 찾아 와서 미안하다고 하는거 ㅠㅠ

  11. Japan should apologize to Korea.
    We will never forget.
    I will never forget the sexual assault I committed on them.

  12. 잘못된 역사에 의해 아무 죄없는 소녀가 다 늙어가도록 고향에 돌아가지도 못하고 또 그렇다고 괜찮은 삶을 못살았으니 참 무도역사상 첨으로 눈물흘리게 된 장면…근데 댓글이 죄다 영어라 이젠 해외사람들도 일본의 만행을 알게되니 또 기쁘기도 하고

  13. 이 할머니 아직 살아계실려나.. 당시에도 나이 엄청 많으셧고 1세대 였던가 그랬는데

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