It's Ready to Surprise Superman! But Henry Cavill is Relaxed..! [Running Man Ep 410]

Giải Trí

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48 thoughts on “It's Ready to Surprise Superman! But Henry Cavill is Relaxed..! [Running Man Ep 410]

  1. Henry cavil…😍😍😍 U killing me by your smile😍😍😍 tom cruise still look young and strong… Omg…. 😍😍😍

  2. How could you wanted to win or even thinked to win this game when you are literally playing againts one of the most iconoc actor-stunt man in the world?? Tom Cruise had sit on top of the tallest building in the world without a single harness😂

  3. Oh wow, that was impressive! Tom knew it was a snake toy in seconds… how?! Could have been a dragon or caterpillar or something

  4. the point of this game for Korean reality stars is the funny reaction while playing. Whereas for a normal human being is simple to figure out what’s in the box. Now u see how the RM act in the show, it’s all for the show. But maybe that’s what makes it fun to watch? Even in a stupid way?

  5. Honestly though, I was just so fixated on the hand person in the box. Like we ALL KNOW with a damn certainty that that person was fangirling/fanboying under that table and as soon as the cameras panned away they put that hand to their face and took a deep cleansing breathe, maybe even made out with it then vowed to never wash it again.

  6. I’m cracking up so much at this because it’s so obvious how the crew and cast are disappointed when the Westerners don’t play along to prolong the game. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 Too funny!!! The westerners have a different mentality. They are not comedians so they know if they played along and cowered away they would probably be clowned on by their western audience. It’s either that or their people have not told them enough about Korean variety shows beforehand and that they’re supposed to play along to things like pretend to be scared, give big reactions, be hella extra, etc.

  7. Don't try this guys. They have play in so many film and built their good mental. Give them a real one maybe it little bit long. Maybe 30 seconds but still I'm not sure about how fast they figure it

  8. Seriously running man should increase the difficulty of the game to oppose the westerner. They already fight alien and save the world ( as if). Even a real snake is nothing.

  9. When I watched TC & HC on this show it made me realise why I kinda stopped watching Korean variety shows. I used to find them so funny & interesting to watch (like 14/15) but I guess as I grew older (im 18 now) I’m finding them more annoying to watch. Like I can’t get over the whole over reacting and clapping every second. Grow men shouting & running away from a toy snake like kids compared to HC & TC who got the answer so fast no dilly dallying or fake crying like cut to the chase makes me further realise that all those past reactions from guests were kinda fake. Maybe because I’m from England (but from an Asian background)and British entertainment shows are mostly based on sarcasm & game shows don’t have all this unnecessary shouting & acting like children. Also it’s kinda embarrassing seeing the RM cast almost idolising their foreign guest I mean i know it’s THE tom cruise & henry Cavill but like you guys are also one of the top entertainers of Korea, you don’t have to be running around the stage for one game. It just looks tacky. Also they were shocked when they just cut to the chase and held the object as if they maybe expected them to also act scared for a minute like they normally do when in England & American they mostly just go for it because that’s the point of the game so why prolong.

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