Jae Suk, Kwang Soo and So Min Come to Cheer for Jong Kook [My Little Old Boy Ep 135]

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28 thoughts on “Jae Suk, Kwang Soo and So Min Come to Cheer for Jong Kook [My Little Old Boy Ep 135]

  1. With all the recent controversy about the hate by Jeon Somi antis. This kind of controversy must be insulting to the RM cast members. They're family. They've drank together off-screen. WHY the hell would Jeon Somin be a fucking snake. These shitty fucking "fans".

  2. Somin and Haha are always with him in this show, and they are preparing to perform too.
    YJS is like a goal for KJK specially in variety, and he may not express it, but he really value him. Of all the celebrities YJS knows, KJK is the one who sang in his wedding, no more to add.
    LKS is KJK little brother, and their chemistery off screen is no joke!!!
    Somin, what should i say… She is a happy virus, people around her all keep smiling and adore her, YJS, KJK and now even HaHa keep bringing her up everywhere, even before coming here, during the opening segments, you can tell that she monitor the members every activity, that's why she can keep up and got closer to them, in a short amout of time. You can't help but love her. Hardworking cutie.

  3. Jae Suk is always the big brother in RM. i can still remember the episode in RM when So Min and Kwang Soo has to face penalty in Malaysia alone, and the rest of the members gave an Ampao envelope (A red envelope, supposedly to be put some money on it.) And Kwang Soo picked the envelope of Jae Suk and it has a money on it. Like (A lot of it.) even Kwang Soo was taken a backed, he never expect Jae Suk to give like that because Jae Suk always make fun of everybody but that episode must have worried him too because they know RM production, you only get money if you win a game and nothing of you lose. The rest of the RM members at that episode only put letter with funny statement on it. I can only remember Jae Suk and Ji Hyo’s ampao with money.. They’re the Big brother and Big sister in RM. They always take care of everybody! 🥰💕

  4. Jaesuk and Jungkook 'fight' like cats and dogs in RM but in real life they love each other like family ♥️

  5. i love how jae suk still calls him Kook Jong i still remember watching them in family outing all those years ago, i will always be a fan

  6. It will be suspicious if song min visit back stage alone.

    So she ask help from kwangsoo and Korean number 1 MC…

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