Jerusalem, Shmita 2015 and the End of the Age

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Jerusalem is the prophetic cosmic clock that marks out the start of the end of the age, a single generation that ends with the return of Messiah/Christ. The Shmita years are turning points that mark the advancement of this final generation in prophetic time. Israel is at the center of these Last Days events in Bible prophecy and in the news today. 2015 is a Shmita year. Learn more about what we can expect in the days ahead.

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4 thoughts on “Jerusalem, Shmita 2015 and the End of the Age

  1. Great video and very informative. There seems to be so much confusion about the "mystery" of the Shemita year and even more controversy concerning when it begins, ends and what it signifies. Thank you Eliyahu Ben David and the Tsiyon Team for making this video so others can learn the Truth and have Hope in Messiah.

  2. Excellant teaching. I didn't get a chance to hear this one while I was down there but I am very happy to know that I didn't completely miss my chance to hear it. To top it off it's in video which is even more awesome. Keep it up Tsiyon!

  3. Good clear teaching about the Shmita year, I missed half of it live on Tsiyon Road radio station so thank you for posting it here!!

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