Ji Hyo, Is That Facial Expression, Okay? [Running Man Ep 467]

Giải Trí

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44 thoughts on “Ji Hyo, Is That Facial Expression, Okay? [Running Man Ep 467]

  1. To the members JiHyo is a sister ajumma and SoMin is a cute annoying sister. Hehe 😁 i luv that there is no malice between them even if there is a love line.

  2. 2:12 Sukjin is like a happy grandfather laughing at his three silly grandsons dancing during a family dinner which inherited the trait from him

  3. I giggled when watching this episode untill those three trio idiot come and do that😂😂😂😂 I burst out laughing and make my dad look at me with a face, " are you ill?" (Well, we at my house with a group of people…)😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

  4. But ji hyo really nailed it at the real performance day. She has a good facial expressions which is so natural. Naturally sexy without TRYING SO HARD

  5. 2:02

    What’s still funny is that those 3 guys actually had the audacity to say they wanted to change the dance step 😂
    & Lia was actually contemplating on it until Jae suk spoke 😂😂

  6. Am i just feel that somin wanna try look better more than jihyo, honestly she dont need to try that hard, cause she can dance,,, but in this video she look like wanna show of how good she is at dance more than jihyo, idk, just feel it. But in fanmeeting, jihyo get more attention.
    And i don't know why, but jihyo haven't screentime at RM lately,

  7. Aww give somin the attention she deserves! She is one of the funniest members in RM and she dances so good but it’s still all about looks for people 😕

  8. Binge watching their dance practices here on yt because I loved it so much, and I still crack up on Haha oppa’s “Dutong! (Headache), Chitong! (Toothache)” at 0:53 Eottoke 😂😂😂

  9. I am a huge fan of running man , I even created my own channel , I hope that you guys able to give support , tq very much

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