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Jin Young & Sun Young~ Shall We Eat Some Watermelon~? [My Little Old Boy Ep 146]

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  1. bangtan forever 1 week ago

    I was thinking they had a knife but yet she smashed it. Like why ???

  2. ToriSori 1 week ago

    I can see myself through Sun young and my sister through Jinyoung.

  3. Yvonne Tang 1 week ago

    Is it me or is het mom proud 1:27 ? I mean I would be so proud of my daughter!

  4. NoticeMe Oppa 1 week ago

    Her breaking the watermelon remind me of
    Jongho from Ateez😂😂

  5. Jasleen Kaur 1 week ago

    I really wish they don’t make these kinds of edits, the elephant sound was not needed😒

  6. ValeGirl 1 week ago

    They remind me of the lion king sidekicks. The wild boar and hyena?

  7. Farhana Ismail 1 week ago

    1:21 heechul can't say any more

  8. : mintlattae : 1 week ago

    idk why you guys love drama so much
    if i break a watermelon with my bare hands my parents would be angry too because i could hurt myself while doing so

  9. Ang y 1 week ago

    They have a knife but decide to crack the melon with hands and use the knife as spoon 🙃

  10. Mira D 1 week ago

    Thats a cute size watermelon 🍉

  11. Emilie Ng 1 week ago

    Their actions and reactions are so cute and funny 🥺😂

  12. Taiwo suga Adeyemi 1 week ago

    I didn't know they are sisters

  13. Anh Huynh 1 week ago

    칼이 있는데요. 왜 수박을 그렇게 힘들게 드셨어요???

  14. a-wanderingcloud 0-0 1 week ago

    1:29 🤣😂

  15. Yogur Lapiz 1 week ago

    I wished I could break watermelon with my bare hands. Sis got survival skills right there. XD

  16. Jeremnis Bubu 1 week ago

    Did she get skinny?

  17. Kira Akira 1 week ago

    i love both of them

  18. Cremepuff 1 week ago

    Sunyoung is my spirit animal. i love these two together

  19. PoutyPineapples 1 week ago

    “She won’t be able to break it with her hands”

    breaks the watermelon

    “Oh my goodness”

  20. john tran 1 week ago

    Is the fat women her sis? Kinda look alike

  21. cindy 1 week ago

    sometimes the editing gets to you mom looks more surprised than angry to me i mean i was shook as hell myself and what’s there to be mad about? it’s just a watermelon not that deep

  22. 성이름 1 week ago

    시발 저년이 사람 몰골이냐 ㄷㄷ 도대체 왜 나오는거고 쿵쾅년들 빠는거 보면 헬조선 개돼지년들 극혐이다 진짴ㅋㅋㅋ

  23. Shion Shiranui 1 week ago

    There's something endearing about Sun Young

  24. ana 90 1 week ago

    Wtf with elephant sound…😡😡😡😡

  25. dikaa _ 1 week ago

    1:43 yahh jinyoung ahhh close your mouth hahahaha

  26. BAE-HOE-ven 1 week ago

    2:00 They had a knife ?

  27. Life With Animals 1 week ago

    Lol @ some people in the comment section with their hatred spewing out of their fingers as they type. You must all be perfect.

  28. Betty Oøf 1 week ago

    she broke the watermelon with her hands cool

  29. Mockavel Velli 1 week ago

    Theyre kinda making a spectacle of her fatness and eating habits. If I were her mom I wouldnt want her to go on this show.

  30. Pearl Her 1 week ago

    Legit reminds me of the time jungkook split that pineapple like it was nothung🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. It’s_ Araceli 1 week ago

    Sun young lost a lot of weight I can tell by her face and back 🥺

  32. Monskie 강마리 1 week ago

    I could just watch Hong sisters forever ❤💕

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