Jong Kook's Best Colors for This Year are Pink and Red [Running Man Ep 487]

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48 thoughts on “Jong Kook's Best Colors for This Year are Pink and Red [Running Man Ep 487]

  1. "you have stepped on tiger's tail but survive with running away"

    after Kwang soo incident

    could this what he meant for??

  2. Wow its accurate! Kwang Soo got into an accident! White Tiger is indeed dangerous! Thank goddess was not a major accident. Get well soon Kwang Soo!

  3. kwang soo fortune reading 'you have stepped on the tiger's tail, but you'll survive by running away became reality with the incident happened last week. meet the white tiger (car crashed), throw up blood (injured) & die but no bcause he survived by luck😱

  4. I came back here when i saw kjk Instagram post about Lee kwang Soo accident…

    get well soon kwang Soo oppa…,🙏🙏🙏

  5. Did kwangsoo and lee sun bin broke up???? Bc the fortune teller said that kwangsoo has a possiblity to meet a nice woman. Huhu i dont want them to broke up

  6. jongkook favorite color is black..hahaha…all the things in his house are black…now try to use pink and red oppa hahaha

  7. I dunno d mystery behind pink color nd y he's laughing like that ?But it reminds me of Yoon eun hye favorite😍 color is pink.

  8. When it's come to pink, it's probably Apink will be mentioned lol 😹😹 that's why sechan mention Apink

  9. Oooh hope to see KJK wear some brighter colors this year more consistently 🤣
    Loved how the crew teased him when the fortune teller told him to be more conservative 🤣❤️

  10. Kwangsoo and lee sun bin are not in a relationship? Why the fortune teller said he has some luck for new relationship?

  11. Emmmmm weird so his best colour is pink but in ep 486 kjk and kang han na are using pink colour……🥰 waw

  12. Fortune teller: your best colors for this year r pink n red😂1:38…he can't help instantaneously burst out laughing just so Cute😁❤1:45❤CUTEE PINK 🐯KOOKIE 2020💪💪🐯❤❤

  13. This ep. screen time for SJH less than 10 minutes out of 80 minutes.. if dont anything maybe it getting worse for our queen in RM 👑

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