Jun Jin "I placed third because grandma was slow!" [My Little Old Boy Ep 122]

Giải Trí

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31 thoughts on “Jun Jin "I placed third because grandma was slow!" [My Little Old Boy Ep 122]

  1. His story is so sad. His mother left him got married and had other children. For many years he wanted to meet her and have his own closure and what is so heartbreaking is when he managed to get a hold of her he found out that she lived in the same area he lived in. His dad was not the best father for him and was harsh with him and even when he got older and became successful he managed to drown in debt. Junjin paid so much to clear his father's name. He went through so much, he was kidnapped and blackmailed at one point in his life and many other things. He is a true surviver and I adore him and love him for always being positive and cheerful. It's crazy how he's the "mood lifter" in the group.

  2. I always laugh when I see Junjin on various clips. But this one. Strikes me through the heart and makes me cry. 😢

  3. We have all done really bratty or mean things as kids we regret later simply because we could not understand everything as a kid. It makes us all sad deep down when we think of those instances.

  4. His story is so tough. I cried a lot. That makes me remember my story with my grandma when I was 9 or 10 years old. She didn’t allow me to open my birthdaygifts because my friends were here and I should play with them. But at the same time I felt so angry with her and said some bad words. When I grow older , I truly know that it was the biggest mistake of my life I can’t solve. Now she’s gone. But I still haven’t said sorry about this story in the past. Grandma, I just want to say sorry about that and you are still always my best grandma ever . I miss u 😢

  5. This scene really hurt me. We have all at some point in our life hurt our parents or anyone in charge of us. Not realizing it or putting them down for being old fashioned or not like others. I remember I was 12 and my mother was very sick she raised 7 kids alone and that aged her very quickly. We were off to America for my elder sisters baby's birth. She was exhausted from walking and since I spoke fluent English she asked me to go get the customs work done. She desperately looked for water and she couldn't find any. She felt faint and just grabbed a water lying nearby and drank it without a thought. Not even thinking of the consequences. The white male employ being very apparently and openly racist had such a go at her. It was his bottle. She told him I'll pay you my mind stopped working I suffer from chronic disease and I lost my bag with my water and she couldn't find any duty free over there in that particular area. Oh he kept going and it took me ten Mins to realise he was doing that to my mother but I felt so embarrassed of her behavior I did not stand up for her. I did not speak for her. I did not protect her. I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. At 12 I had my fake pre teen image of a fashionable and pretty girl to keep up, who spoke English fluently because she attends a private expensive school her mom struggled to keep her in. Fast forward ten years that guilt consumed me. My mom passed away when I was 16 and I could never forgive myself for that incident. Only up until a year ago with a lot of difficulty I forgave myself. Seeing this and realising he had a similar experience really hurt me for him
    He as an adult realised how much he hurt her and he can't do anything about it now. I write this so I can share this little piece of my heart with whoever reads it. I am so guilty but I was only a child. So if any kids are reading this I am 28 now and all I'll tell you is don't forsake your families or loved ones for fake pride and ego. Be nice and respectful to them. Cherish and love them, don't end up in regret like me.

  6. You don’t realise these things as a kid but regret them after even though you didn’t know better back then

  7. A tough man with a soft heart. This breaks my heart 💔💔💔…. I wanna hug him at least 💚💚💚

  8. You really don't know what you've got until it's gone ~~ we all regret things we do, young or old, it's what you do and how you make up for them.

  9. I really understand his feeling. I remember when I was a kid. At that time I was hospitalized. My mom coudn't take care of me because she was taking care my lit sister and my father had a work to do. So only my grandma could do it. But instead of thanking her, I was yelling at her, "Why did you come here? I want my mom. Go away!". I still regret it until now and she's not with us anymore. It still pain me everytime I remember it :'(

  10. Poor grandma. She's so strong to run with him when he was young. Sometimes we say things out of spite and regret it at the end. Even at young age we say things we don't mean but regret in the end. I miss my grandma.

  11. lost my grandma a year ago. I had same situation with Jun Jin when I was in elementary. My father couldn't attend my Family Day at school and my mother was working overseas. Only my grandma could attend at that time. I was worried because she was in her 60's. She was willing to join the games but I insisted not to join because I was afraid she might slip or tumble down when running. We just watch my schoolmates with their "younger" parents play the games. Now that I'm on my 30's, i really treasure the moments I had with her.

  12. long time no see junjin. how i miss him.. shinhwa is one of the early idol that i like n that time i'm so into junjin. he always seem bright n funny but behind there's a sad story about his family.

  13. I know about junjin's family story but everytime heard it again always crying so hard. I never cry when other idol said a sad story about their family cos to me his story is the most saddest

  14. Junjin relied so much on his grandma, because she was practically his all around family, second being Shinhwa. That's why the slightest thought about her brings him to tears.

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