Jun So Min Must Be Flogged by Jong Kook!!! [Running Man Ep 403]

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47 thoughts on “Jun So Min Must Be Flogged by Jong Kook!!! [Running Man Ep 403]

  1. I was a bit disappointed in this even though they're super close jongkook should've hit somin lightly she's a woman and she only have a small body

  2. I wish running man can do a special thing for Ji-hyo like they did in the old episode. Like princess Ji-hyo and let her do a spy. Like I only c so min do spy stuff. Idek when was the last time Ji-hyo did spy stuff.

  3. Look at the progress on KookMin Siblings relationship, on this episode he look happy when Somin lose but KJK kinda sad on latest episode, im not crying

  4. Before Somin, Jihyo never gets voted last place. She always seem to miraculously dodge punishments, and that kinda annoyed me. I know she can take it, but I always thought maybe it's because she's either a woman or the outcome won't be funny. Now I'm glad that it's not only the guys getting punished in RM. I'm glad Somin joined RM. Everything that I thought was missing in Jihyo, I see in Somin.

  5. He might miscalculated his flog XD surely he's sorry about it but act it cool. Sorry Somin you're strong anyway.

  6. Jong Kook is a bite or more strange man in rm. How he flug she with all of his power. She is the woman. Poor Somin. It would be hurt. Are you Ok?

  7. Wait wait wait a moment so kjk did that to somin and no death petitions or apology?. But if kwansoo did it. Be a different story.
    But any who. I llove Running man.

  8. what I like about Somin is to keep smiling in situations and under any circumstances, it's not easy, but Somin can still bring out his joy …

  9. 1:34 I thought Jong Kok would just hit slightly😂
    As I can see he hit girl with heavy strength for the first time
    OMG he have change😂

  10. I think Jong Look is just too strong and so used at workout that he can't really low his strength 😂 but I also think he is not really hesitate because he know somin will not mad at him if he hit her like that..i think he is quite comfortable with somin thus he is not hesitating

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