Kang Han Na Sadi, "Jo Kka Chi".. Everyone is Shocked! [Running Man Ep 476]

Giải Trí

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49 thoughts on “Kang Han Na Sadi, "Jo Kka Chi".. Everyone is Shocked! [Running Man Ep 476]

  1. I am watching running mab but only certain episodes like when Hana is a guest or other people that i like to be here… If hana is going to be a permanent host of the show ill watch every episode hahahaha..

  2. I usually never like when guest come on the show, except for twice those were more enjoyable than i thought it would so i wouldnt mind them coming back on, but i really like when its just the cast, but i also love when han na & da hee come on, they give a balance to the cast with woman & men cause makes it more fun between them, every time those 2 come on they seem like like theyve always been permanent members & they fit right in

  3. At first, I hate her in the series with IU …but after guesting in running man.. I started liking her.. hahaha

  4. i love hana, when family package airing again? cannot wait for family members..sangyeob, dahee, hana, jinyoung

  5. i play 100x times a day when i see kang hanna smile and dimple get me power up and smile 😀 hoping kang hanna will addition to running man so that i know more^_^ I love you Kang Ha Na More Power and God Bless!!!

  6. I had a similar experienced like Hanna. A friend of mine suddenly appeared bald one morning. I looking at his bald head said to him that he resembles the guy from "Pawn Star" (Rick Harrison). Problem was I pronounced the word "Pawn" and they heard it as "Porn". Two other friends of us which were around at that time and that bald friend suddenly made weird faces upon hearing what I said. I didnt realize what was going on until I went home at the end of the day. Then I sent a message to that friend to clear all the weird misunderstandings.

  7. Kang Hana is so hilarious lmao she should just joined Running Man! She,Somin and Jihyo can be such a great combo😂

  8. I’m happy the winner of the episode which is the animal but I hate when they give it to jihyo the role being the forbidden animal which is not suit to her, she’s meek why not somin or joongkook or other member?🧐

  9. i know that most people will probably hate/disagree with me for saying this but i dont think hanna should replace jihyo. Instead just add her to be a permanent member. “but jihyo are not funny” yes, i know but people still look up to her, not because of her humour but for her bravery and luck. She may not be as funny as everyone else, but when it comes to luck games, she easily impressed everyone and thats what make, us, fans want to see more of her. Just my thoughts😞🤟🏻 (sorry for my english)

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