Kim Jong Kook Has No Intention of Answering the Question [Running Man Ep 454]

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50 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Has No Intention of Answering the Question [Running Man Ep 454]

  1. Poor Seok jin oppa she is amazing at her age she did everything as she can but always teased atleast they had to respect him as an older no wonder she tried to quit RM it's already two times she tried to quit but they can't let him quit. Its article at Soompi

  2. KJK was annoying in this ep. Like why couldn't he just sit beside JSJ on the bus and not make a scene. I'm tired of his threatening stare to intimidate the other members.

  3. Fuck running man fan..someone like sukjin getting bullied in every episodes..and yet they still say that only for variety show..are korean entertainers lack of idea to make people laugh and just using bullying, over-teasing to make people laugh? Stupidd

  4. Sick and tired to hear all of this jsj hate. He is getting old that's why he's becoming lazy. Every rm members has their own way of entertaining people. If another member left aside from sechan and somin it will be a huge blow for the show. Gary is my fav before and i felt sad when he left bc his presence means a lot to the show and that is the same as to each and every one of the members. If you are a true fan of the show, you won't hate on someone. I love rm but this hate towards a certain member is too much

  5. i think everyone being annoyingly because they want seok jin to be more emotional and not stone hearts 🙂

  6. Why people keep commenting negatively? Just enjoy the show. I know all of us have our favourite but every RM members has their own characters and they know each other well. Whatever the RM members do, it's for good cause. Viewer rating can be harsh for k-show. They are doing their best to have good rating. Besides, what you seen is just a tiny bit of the whole filming. Do you really have any idea how long they film for one episode? You didn't know what really happen outside of the 1 hour episode. I adore all RM members, for me, commenting negatively on other members to support 지석진 씨, will not doing any good for him. Let us just enjoy the show together okay?? 런닝맨 화이팅!

  7. Pls just support whatever this show brings us. Once in a while name tag ripping is fine but if you want it always shows that u don't really care what's happening. Seems like you don't know the health problems they get and they are getting old. They don't always show the behind scenes. Opinions are fine but some are just no consideration yet you call yourself fans.

  8. running man nowadays is becoming more and more childish. missed old running man where gary is still in it. they looked so much cooler back then.

  9. RM is getting boring! Too much exaggerating. Kjk needs to be out of RM! Be nice to seok jin doesn't kills u, Kjk!! Poor seok jin always the 'target' for all. No respect for elderly.

  10. This comment section has a lot of sensitive people, news flash its 2019 if you can't enjoy a variety show watch something else

  11. At first in the eating scene yeah it was funny to see kwang soo steal suk jin food but when he does that many times i feel very bad for suk jin

  12. I seen a lot of running man episodes i know that alot of fans is getting sensitive or even offended and trigger about when one of running man member getting bullied and angry at each other

    What i am saying is i am not offended what the member do to sukjin but i do feel bad for the 54 year old man since he stay at running man he didnt get alot scene in recent episodes i feel like the reason why the members treat disrespectful to sukjin is they are trying to get sukjin some screentime beside since i am running man fan since first episode Bullied/revenge/stealing/Betrayal/funny And Love this is the RunningMan i know

    And the fan who is offended there is no need to worry they might apologize to sukjin why they treat him bad beside we do not know what behind those camera🙂

  13. Not liking how most of the members treat Seok Jin these days. I understand he has his own role in the show but YJS and KJK seem to have a knack of disrespecting their senior member in a whole diff personal level.

    This is one of the few ep where the overall theme is to insult Seok Jin from start to finish. Not to mention the part LKS stole his food thrice, you can clearly see the anger in Seok Jin’s face. Irregardless of wether “they have been friends for a long time and all that is just for show” compared to other variety shows at least in my opinion, RM members are the most disrespectful towards their hyung.

    Ps. A frustrated fan sick of seeing Seok Jin having to endure all the condescending and hateful remarks EVERY WEEK. Cut the poor guy some slack, it’s remarkable enough for a 53 years old to still keep up with all the strenuous activities.

  14. Loved this so much! JSJ got his just desserts! I had a feeling he deliberately messed up the answers when KJK was under the balloons, and he proved it when it was his turn. Love how KJK has been so savage lately. Honestly, he's been hilarious for so long. Kookie is the best! <3

  15. Kim jong kook and lee kwang soo so annoying in this episod . How dare you treat your older like that.

  16. Honestly, if JSJ wasn't teased by other members, he would have got the least screen time. The members did it on purpose for JSJ. You know JSJ is really passive (perhaps some knets called him lazy) unlike YJS, I know the fact that JSJ is older than YJS and the oldest member but this is a variety show, you need to entertain viewers. That's why KJK brought about viewers on the latest ep. JSJ need to survive and that's why other members push him. Furthermore, JSJ enjoyed his screen time and you can notice that.

  17. I really hate kwang soo in this episode hes too much and so rude to JSJ, and jaesuk too when he always Block JSJ from try to say something,,, this two guy its to much fuck them

  18. This ep was just too much of bullying JSJ. I'm a huge fan of RM since ep 1 but even for me what they did already crossed the line. I could see that JSJ was really angry and Jihyo even tried to calm him down. It was too much..

  19. Tbh I feel bad whenever they bully Seok Jin. Or whenever Yoo Jae Seok blocks or is rude to LKS. I know that it’s for the show, but somehow I feel like their feelings get hurt, still, especially when you look at their faces.

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