Kwang Soo and Eun Ji versus Jong Kook and Na Eun! [Running Man Ep 433]

Giải Trí

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20 thoughts on “Kwang Soo and Eun Ji versus Jong Kook and Na Eun! [Running Man Ep 433]

  1. That was pathetic. Kwang Soo didn't even give it a fair try. I know it's a game that doesn't really matter, but dang… at least give it a try, especially for your teammate.

  2. Who remembered hayoung on rm? :3 shes so savage and lawless… she change her partner twice when the other rm member picked her :v she uses the stick because she doesnt have tools and she started the method like a sword lol :v and Naeun was just eating doesnt care about others

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