Kwang Soo crazy for the step counters once again in Runningman Ep. 391 with EngSub

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Sebarkan berita ini kepada orang di sekelilingmu^^

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49 thoughts on “Kwang Soo crazy for the step counters once again in Runningman Ep. 391 with EngSub

  1. Haha IS UNDERRATED. That’s a fact😔 He deserve so much more attention and fame but ugh anyway can we talk about how manipulative he is here😂 And what’s making this video funnier is that in the end they up having the least steps but they bickered the most about it

  2. I enjoy watching sangyeob on RM. i saw him on other variety shows but he definitely clicked with RM.

  3. Lee sangyeob, lee dahee, kang han na. The best trio guest ever on running man.
    They gave us content.
    Lee sangyeob- natural betrayer
    Lee dahee- weirdo no. 1
    Kang han na- weirdo no 2/ crazy cute❤❤🤣🤣

  4. I dont hate se chan and i like him in team, but if he got replace by sang yeob, i wont even mad bcoz clearly this guy have better skill in variety like its natural to him

  5. i hope they cast sang yeob, kang hana, dahee n junyoung all together again.. maybe another world touring episode?

  6. If only sangyeob is a permanent cast

    Edit: coming to say that I'm loving him more after watching mafia in prison 🥰

  7. O really love when sang yeob join running man…it makes the show more funny…plus da hee…hahaha another funny one…hope that they will be back again to guest

  8. They discovered sang yeob too late. He couldve taken song joongki’s role. But Im not like the other fans who want saechan out, I dont hate him but sang yeob definitely is a better choice.

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