Kwang-soo making tofu [Running Man Ep 387]

Giải Trí

In Korea, we say the prisoners need to eat tofu after they are dismissed.
So Kwang-soo is making Tofu by himself.
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38 thoughts on “Kwang-soo making tofu [Running Man Ep 387]

  1. I love Kwangsoo's interaction with RM crews. I remember the episode where he and Jaesuk needs to steal the other member's clothes and he failed. The staff simply ask "What's wrong with you?" (or something like that) and that makes me laugh. I think Kwangsoo is the only member that have the most interaction with the staff on screen.

  2. 1:39 Kwang Soo's reaction tho when Jae Suk told him that he's going to eat the tofu on his way home (and the subs thanks for the spoon)😂😂

  3. who's watching 2019? 🖐
    hahaha Lee Kwangso's suit makes him look like a detainee😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✌ who is making a tofu

  4. This is what I love about YJS and LKS, they can easily catch up with their jokes/gags, they already know what to response in action or in words, that's why the results is always funny. That part where LKS hit YJS is always funny, LKS is the only one who does that and sometimes slap YJS. Hahaha!

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