Lee Kwang Soo "Do not talk about Song Joong Ki!" 《Running Man》런닝맨 EP424

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Running Man is a Korean variety show forming part of SBS’s Good Sunday lineup. It first aired on July 11, 2010, and as of 2015, is currently the longest-running program. The main MC of Running Man is Yoo Jae-suk and this show is the real variety show focused on funny games.

Running Man 런닝맨 EP424 20160327 SBS

Members tell Lee Kwang Soo “You don’t have to think of Song Joong Ki as rival” Yet, Kwang Soo was outraged as soon as he heard that.

이광수는 송중기와 라이벌 의식을 갖지 말라는 멤버들의 지적에 폭발하는 모습을 보인다.

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28 thoughts on “Lee Kwang Soo "Do not talk about Song Joong Ki!" 《Running Man》런닝맨 EP424

  1. what if they are talking about song joongki because they are trying to get him again as a member or if they are already cooking something with him and they are just creating hype for it? hmm. ~

  2. YjS is right Kwangsoo even if your also popular SJoongki and Insung are main characters like Jaesuk in entertainment so just be happy and laugh instead of acting annoyed..

  3. As kwang soo's fan i'm irritated with the members keep telling him that he is under joong ki's foot or what not. i hope they would stop comparing kwang soo to joonki and respect him a little more.

  4. I love running man so much like obsessed with it so much!! But sometimes it makes me think even though I know they love kwang soo, but sometimes they underestimate him too much:(

  5. Stop constantly laugh at the appearance Kwang Soo, enjoy looking at their friendships, stop pitting them against each other.

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