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Lee Kwang Soo "I don't understand why Ha Na said she thought about me" [Running Man Ep 432]

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  1. musicalala 1 week ago

    LKS is the happiest giraffe on the planet. Rich af and girlfriend is a goddess.

  2. Riya Jat 1 week ago

    haa i love sung hoon🤣

  3. justnattnatt 1 week ago

    Ugh I love Park Ha Na so much <3

  4. 로비 귀엽다 1 week ago

    WHY WOULD YOU LIVE THERE hahahahaha defensive oppa ❤

    0:31 look at sunhwa's eyes very suspicious of the topic lol

    Plot twist: Sunghoon is Ha na's bf lool (Ouch 😂)

  5. caramel latte 1 week ago

    poor roii bang he got slandered not just in i live alone but running man lmao hahahaha

  6. Esther 1 week ago

    He is so real I adore him.

  7. Alif Najmi 1 week ago

    2:06 – 2:26 can everyone tell me what's the song title that has been played?

  8. Robert Lee 1 week ago

    Someone tell me why in Runningman the host and guest regularly wear what seems to be coordinated clothes, like in this episode ie National Geographics but have masking tape "covering the logo"?
    Must be cheaper to buy generic clothes or at least mask out the logo fully

  9. omme habiba 1 week ago

    Song ji eun also works out there maybe it's her, owwwww,it will be so greattt❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊😊

  10. Gianina아미 1 week ago

    2:38 so funny 😂😂😂

  11. Hui Yu 1 week ago

    Sun bin will be jealous

  12. shima roxas 1 week ago

    Who is that girl???? Sunghoon😂

  13. barney stinson 1 week ago

    Haha: Kwangsoo should win

    Damn that was a great punchline

  14. Noshin Rahman 1 week ago

    kwangsoo after the cameras turn off: i have a girlfriend too HMM

  15. Noshin Rahman 1 week ago

    offtopic: i find the way sunghoon just casually grabbed hana's hand to ask who it is and got up in her face hot
    i love people who aren't afraid of skinship (but yes i know most celebs act so chaste not to offend others/to be polite)

  16. Adilla Na 1 week ago

    I miss kang gary in running man.i dont like se chan because. Gary please come back

  17. AnnePearl Buco 1 week ago

    hoping the girl that sunghoon is being nice to is song ji eun 😊😊❤️

  18. visarut mu 1 week ago

    who think hana had a crush on sung hoon back then?(when they were at gym)

  19. Isang Mendoza 1 week ago

    Sunghoon got suddenly felt the tension knowing that Song Ji Eun's member was around. Look at the way he used his peripheral eye towards the Sun Hwa. Hahaha

  20. Mr Socrates 1 week ago

    I wont be to friendly to girls if i have a gf. If its the other way around she would've done the same, if she ever care about her bf feelings.

  21. Alistaire Bella 1 week ago

    I’m sorry but in the first place why would Hana ask such things? It can create rumors that would bother Sunghoon and I think that she craves attention because he drives the girl home Hana ask why he doesn’t drives her home then? Because if Sunghoon is interested in the girl so what? Let the guy live a little

  22. Mhyka Dela Torre 1 week ago

    Omooo Can you please tell us who that girl is Sunghoon? Im still rooting for u and Ji eun 😭

  23. Saida Tayibi 1 week ago

    I am sure that the woman who sunghoon treats her nice at the gym and gave her ride to her home was park narae 😏🙄

  24. KitsuneXD 1 week ago

    Hahaha lets clap to those who was laughing at kwangsoo😂😂 He’s already dating Sunbin at that time😂♥️

  25. _____ 1 week ago

    1:26 who's girl voice is laughing out loud?

  26. kuku rikapu 1 week ago

    What if ha na whispered "lee sun bin"

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