LG Soundbar SH5 Product Video

Công Nghệ

Powerful & Stylish Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer. Experience a new level of audio immersion. This LG Soundbar comes packed with high quality speaker technology, great connectivity options and is housed is a stylish metallic design. A great soundbar for your TV.

Find out more here: www.lg.com/uk/speakers-sound-systems/lg-SH5


7 thoughts on “LG Soundbar SH5 Product Video

  1. what shall I buy sound bar or a home theater ? which is better among sound bar & a home theater ? plz clearify, I am confused between these two ?

  2. hoping to purchase this sleek looking soundbar very well built pleasing to the eye and sounds pretty good too ..

  3. Green LED continues flashing. Do not pair. Always looking for the bar. I have tried the three methods suggested on lg.com and nothing

  4. ooohhhh i love the Dr Dre song at 18seconds!! whoever did the soundtrack for this video is gangsta. Holla at me!
    Express Yourself will be the first song I play when I get this sound bar tomorrow

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