Live With Keith Rucker From The Georgia Museum of Agriculture

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Spent the afternoon with my friend and fellow Youtuber Keith Rucker at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture. Here I check out some of the vintage machines including a working sawmill. Please take a look and be sure to check out the Museums webpage as well as Keith’s channel
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21 thoughts on “Live With Keith Rucker From The Georgia Museum of Agriculture

  1. Appreciate the video, thanks for sharing. Your kids are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn how things were done.

  2. Man I feel sorry for your feet, Fabtech last week and the swap meet and museum this week. Thanks for the tour Keith has never done one that I know of and I found it very interesting. It is now on the list for sure when we are traveling to or from Florida next spring.

  3. Thanks Jim for the Museum tour, very interesting, a great way for the kids to learn about our history and You Tubers as well.

  4. Thank you! This really helped me to understand the Georgia Museum of Agriculture after watching Keith's videos for several years.

  5. Please take your idea of a stream power generator and create something. That would one series that would fun to watch

  6. Hi from Pomona, Queensland, Australia. Thank you Jim for the live feeds. I love the steam content and follow Dave Richards line shaft workshop.

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