Logitech G560 – Best Gaming Speakers!

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The Logitech G560 gaming speakers poop rainbows! They also sound AMAZING!

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48 thoughts on “Logitech G560 – Best Gaming Speakers!

  1. The cables are thick so you do not have USB noise. I ordered a Creative Kratos S5 that was a piece of shit that I returned. The speakers had a loud hiss noise that actually hurt my ears. I bought another pair of Kratos S5 to see if my previous unit had an issue but the newer one had the same issue. After my second Kratos S5 had that annoying hiss noise I decided to buy a Logitech G560 and could not be happier. No hiss because Logitech used thick cables that have proper grounding capability.

  2. Hi Jared,

    I bought these speakers and running it on my mac, i cant seem to make the light sync with my music. Whenever the bass hits, the lights does nothing. All it does it just flashes the rgb colors. Did you have the same problem? Cheers

  3. Are you still using them? What’s your opinion after a year, have you experienced any problems I read about such as speakers disconnecting from time to time, disappearing bass on low volume, problems with setting good volume on low level etc.?

  4. Broken product, shit (complete lack of) support from Logitech. The driver forces windows to recognise them as a 7.1 setup, which of course they aren't. This means that most of the sound is missing (i.e. front and centre channels). DTS Virtual Surround doesn't work on many systems either, seems to be a driver conflict. The only way to get them to work is to rollback the driver to the generic Windows USB speaker driver, so they can actually work as the 2.1 setup they are, but this in turn disables things like the EQ (which, by the way is completely necessary, the default sound is far too bass heavy and generally badly balanced in many other ways) and renders the speakers a complete waste of money at this price point. Logitech tech support have been beyond useless, offering nothing more than something along the lines of 'have you tried turning it off and on again?'. Once again, avoid like the plague.

  5. i have a problem with my speakers de sound are very loud i have 2% and stil have like 100 volume is there a fix for pleas help …

  6. Bought these recently and have no way to control bass, have you had the same issue and if so, manage to find a way to control it on MacOS?

  7. Just a quick question, I read that there was a volume issue, 2 being too quiet and 4 being too loud. I saw there was a firmware update but is this issue fixed? The posts were from 2018. If anyone could shine some light on it would be perfect! (no pun intended) I ordered these yesterday and arriving today so just wanna know what to expect! Thanks In advance.

  8. Ordering it on Monday with a slate grey Blue Yeti microphone, just waiting for AMD to drop Navi before picking up a Mantiz eGPU and i'll have a set up very similar to yours 🙂

  9. I've been seeing people saying its glitchy from the software making it have no sounds or having to plug in and plug out to make it work again is this true? Or has it been fixed

  10. I have these speakers… the problem I find with them is the direction the back light face, they face down which is poorly designed as the speakers sit on your desk and as you can see all the light is below the monitor… if they faced up for the light to emit on each side of the monitor the colour on the screen would be more accurate to the light emitting from the speakers. No one mentions in the reviews how to set the zones on your screen from where the speakers are getting the colour from. There are four zones being right back, right front, left back and left front. Now the obvious way for these to be set is back zones up higher on the screen and front zones lower as is the default setting… but from the speakers all the light is emitted at the bottom hence not matching the zones on the screen. I ended up disabling the front leds and moving the back zones to the bottom corners so at least whatever colour in those areas of the screen gets emitted onto the wall. It’s a shame cos they could have been fantastic… I might make my own review to give the full story with the cons not just the pros.

  11. i think its an awesome unit audio system
    but logitech really blew it about the controller… its not that hard to just build a remote to it …
    if they had invent a remote to it that control the volume/BASS and LED on/off it would be 10/10
    but it really gives the feeling they got really lazy and didn't think very much of how to make this really comfortable to anyone

  12. Hi.

    I am interested in those speakers, but something that comes up in my mind is if I save some eq via USB and the app, does that eq have effect on playing them only through 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth? Or does it reset all after unplugging from the pc. I was thinking of using them as TV/entertainment speakers in the man cave

  13. This is a great set of speakers. I have them and have been scouring the interwebs looking for help with screen sampler. Everyone talks so fast and doesn't spend enough time talking about screen sampler.

  14. You can't control eq and lights with Bluetooth connection. In Bluetooth the audio is so bad. This is a fucking mistake! C'mon logitech.

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