Logitech G560 vs Bose Companion 50 || 6-Track Comparison

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Sound recorded using Zoom H6 recorder. Levels matched using SPL meter. All tone controls set to neutral

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31 thoughts on “Logitech G560 vs Bose Companion 50 || 6-Track Comparison

  1. I have both of them. Now i don't know how to do with g560. Bose have very clearly sound and bass. G560 only have light sync, music is so bad, their sound quality similiar with pc speaker . Sorry for my english, but it is true. Do not buy G560 , they are not design for music, g560 have beautiful light , strong bass for gamer, only haft price of bose. I only use companion 5 now. In this test, you hear the g560 sound very bad, not hi-fi sound

  2. There is a huge gap in price between the two. Can you compare and test sound between Bose Companion 50 and Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 Chroma? As I cannot see this kind of comparison in the whole Internet!!! Please do it!!!

  3. The bass module is not on the top of the table when using it. Try to put it on the floor then big changes in term of audio quality

  4. Whatever we think of channels like YouTube they are a blessing in disguise,I must admit that I’ve had the BOSE Q15 Noise Cancelling Headphones in the past and had BOSE Soundlink Mini which I’ve sold.Only got BOSE Soundlink 3..BOSE big claim to fame is that they produce big sound from little speakers,that was the case back in the day but many companies can do that now.And there sound is comparable if not better than BOSE.and for a much cheaper price.Bose prices are overinflated and that’s from me who as had BOSE products.

  5. Everyone moaning about Bose, as much as I like these videos i dont believe for one second that its a true reprisentation of how both sets of speakers actually sound. i have heard the C 50s and they sound great first hand, i think the recording and compression of audio is a MASSIVE variable over first hand listening. Its like watching UHD videos on Youtube… it just isnt the same as watching uncompressed.

  6. its very clear that the bose have some DSP default adjustment 😀 They manipulated the frequencies to make it sound big even with smaller drivers. (im referring to the satellite speakers)

  7. I think u shouldn't turn to Max level of bass knob in Bose also Bose give wide soundstage than any other multimedia 2.1 because of there DSP , listeners can notice than more surround effect in Bose

  8. Откуда вы берете акустику? Может Monitor Audio Bronze 2 или DALI Zensor 3 например?

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