Microlab M106BT ធុងបាសគុណភាពស្តង់ដារមាន Bluetooth | Camtoptec Online Shop | Cambodia Microlab

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Camtoptec Online Shop | Microlab M106BT | ធុងបាស Microlab M106BT តម្លៃ 32$ | Microlab Cambodia

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+ Watch our CAMTOPTEC TV everyday 9:00-10:00AM: www.youtube.com/c/camtoptecsmartphone

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+ Website: www.camtoptec.com

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+ YouTube Channel CAMTOPTEC TV ៖

Contact us:
Tel: +85598 21 37 36/+85569 21 37 36
E-mail: camtoptec@gmail.com
LINE: Camtoptec
Present by: Mr. Theam SOTTHEA, CAMTOPTEC’s director.

Nguồn: https://coca-colafoundation-ind.org

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