Monday Couple Moment Song Ji Hyo & Kang Gary #10 ENG SUB

Giải Trí

I don’t own the real Running Man video. Running man is one of SBS korean TV show. This one is Ep 26-27 This video contained cutted Monday Couple’s scenes (Song Ji-Hyo & Kang Gary). I’ve searched these scenes from Running Man episode 26-27, which i’ve got from

I presented this video for Running Man‘s, especially Monday Couple’s, fans from all over the world. Please go to / / if you want to watch the full Running Man.
Big thanks for Isubs and other translaters and for those who uploaded the shows online. Enjoy this video! 🙂

Please keep support Running Man. Even though Gary oppa has left, we still love Monday Couple and Running Man. Let’s hope that Gary oppa would often come as a guest. „7012“ And let’s support the new member of running man SeChan and SoMi too. “9012” Thank you for watching. And please wait until I upload the next Monday Couple’s video.

LeeSSang (리쌍) – Can’t Breakup Girl, Can’t Breakaway Boy

Kim Sohee – Coincidence

JY – Sukina hito ga iru koto


31 thoughts on “Monday Couple Moment Song Ji Hyo & Kang Gary #10 ENG SUB

  1. I guess Gary had to leave because it was really too embarrassing to continue to act romantic towards Ji Hyo when his secret of having a girlfriend who was pregnant too.

  2. Ji Hyo was so beautiful in the early Running Man because she smiled alot when Gary teasing him.

    Now she looks old and rarely smile.. (in recent Running Man)

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