NEW iPad Pro AND MacBook Air


Talking about the new 2020 iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini!


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Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:



47 thoughts on “NEW iPad Pro AND MacBook Air

  1. Hi uhm Can it be connected to pc as in winbased pc?
    Also can an usb like typical port be used or more like to the monitor?
    If yes then can it be used as a graphic tablet for example Cintiq from Wacom? Will the apple pen still react as it does normally?
    Can the screen sharing connection be reversed? As in see on monitor what is happening on the iPad?

  2. The latest iPad Pro’s benchmarks is suck
    You should wait for the next one that is supposed to come out in this autumn if you have 2018 version.

  3. waouh with that confinement I totally forgot the new iPad Pro, thanks Justine for entertaining us , hope u are ok , and do not tik Tok too much 😉 lots of love from France

  4. Watching this in a darken room on a projector was interesting as every time Justine hands went forward on the black table it looked like she was popping out of the bottom of the screen.

  5. Hey, Justine, don’t let your fans dictate your life. If you want to make videos right now, great! But don’t do anything to the detriment of your mental health because of fans who are bored and asking for it. You do you! 😁

  6. FaceID on iMac and MacBook will be a problem especially I have "Add to Cart" syndrome; what if it mistakes my eyes for confirmation and payment. I can already see how broke I am going to get if they do that hahah!

  7. Yes keep the videos coming we need smiles :). By the way does it have a better screen because performance on mine has been top notch and I have the latest one with LumaFusion. I don’t really use the cameras either. Thanks again +1 sub

  8. Ijustine why are you always talking about gaming on a Apple product? You know and everybody knows it is pure garbage to play on a Apple device. (Like on a Mac Pro or MacBook etc.)

  9. No buddy wants to buy this shit …
    Apple should make some toilet paper like ishit or like ipopo and sell it for 500$ for a six pack

  10. The Mac mini specs haven't changed at all except for double the standard storage. Same processor options etc otherwise

  11. Justine – I like your videos/content, but I don’t want you to make it if you’re uncomfortable making it under the current situation. Now would probably be the best time to make content because of all the people staying inside, but only if you’re okay with it.

  12. Well, after online classes started, it’s pretty awesome to see a new iPad in my phone where I take my classes bc as a workless biacth can’t afford this 😂😂😂

  13. You are in a hard position. And we as viewers are selfish to try to make you continue to act like everything is okay. It has been refreshing to see videos that are not surrounding the virus but PLEASE if it is either your mental health or making video, put you first. We love you more than videos!

  14. The main question that im waiting for is that if you can finally play games with W, A, S and D and bluetoothing a mouse to the ipad and play games like minecraft, roblox and such?

  15. I liked your energy in this video. I think i'm going to try to upgrade my 2016 macbook pro. I just bought a 34 inch curved monitor so I am not sure what size yet but excited nonetheless!

  16. Very small update since previous iPad. Was definitely hoping for more HW wise especially the screen and SOC. Really dint care about the back cameras, as long as front facing cam and new microphones is really good

    This is really is becoming a laptop replacement and might become my first Apple device. Its everything I hoped Google would do with Android until they fcked it up and decided ChromeOS is the way to go.

    That said, there is still a few things I hope they fix in software and a few HW changes I can dream about

    1. Multi user support like Android has had for many many years. Sharing a device like this in a family is so common. A guest mode too
    2. Output to external screens at native external screens resolution e.g 4k
    3. So happy they support external storage just keep expanding support for more filesystems pls, even if we have to pay for filesystem plugins afterwards
    4. Work with Microsoft and Google to get office/docs feature complete with desktop versions
    5. Keep working on that file browser
    6. Final Cut….

    1. A second USBC port would be awesome
    2.Micro SDCard

    1. I was hoping they would have OLED or MiniLED in this release.
    2. More powerful 5nm A14x SOC

  17. If you believe any part of this, use your voice. We should be quarantining the elderly and vulnerable, rather than the ones with healthy immune systems that shrug off the coronavirus like the common cold:

  18. Just don’t talk about COVID-19, it gets annoying because it’s the only thing anyone talks about. This is one of the only places on YouTube where I can relieve myself from the news, and I love your content! Just add a disclaimer if you’re that concerned.

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